Monday 12 March 2018

Living Arrows 2018 11/53

Welcome back to week 11 of Living Arrows 2018!
James has been back at school now a week after the snow closed his school for two days!

The week started pretty chilled out with Freddie napping while mummy did her work. James had been in trouble before he went to school so he lost the use of his tablet after school. Thankfully his behaviour picked up.

One night after school James was sat watching tv on his chair when Freddie decided he wanted a cuddle off his brother so climbed up onto the chair next to him! I think we might need to invest in a second one of these for Freddie! It;s not the best photograph I've ever taken but it certainly shows the love and bond my boys share!

Freddie had his normal two sessions at playgroup and as normal he cried his head off and clung to me when I dropped him off, but at pick up he was his normal chatty self! He has also been incredibly cuddly, He keeps randomly climbing onto either my lap or daddy's lap for cuddles. He's had a rough few nights going to bed down to teeth we think, but we also think he may have eaten something that bunged him up. When he climbs up he tends to flatten me and lie in odd positions!

Living Arrows


  1. Teeth can be such pesky things can't they. Love the photo of them together #livingarrows

  2. Oh they look so cute and cuddly! Bless them! x