Friday 25 May 2018

Freddie at Two and a Half!

My last update on Freddie was done back in November when he turned two. After that milestone I decided it would be better to do updates on him every six months like I do with James.

Since he turned two he has become such a little mischief maker! He loves nothing more than ganging up on his brother and jumping on him shouting squeeze! Poor James has also been on the end of a beating or two from Freddie. The last incident was poor James getting scratched on the eyelid by his darling little brother. 

Freddie is also so clumsy! He is always walking into things and banging his head, normally on our kitchen table as he seems to forget he is now way too tall to walk under it! He also has a bad habit of smacking himself in the head with our living room door.

His speech has improved so much, especially in the last four months since he started at our local playgroup! He is saying a lot more words and we can all understand him a lot better! He can now say the name of our neighbours dog Archie and when he sees him he shouts hi Archie hi Archie you ok Archie as if he expects him to answer him back! He has also learned to say the name of one of James friends and her little brother who is a few months younger than him. 

He is still wearing a size 4 pull up and a 6+ nappy at night. His clothes are mostly age 2-3 but there are also a few tops in his wardrobe that are age 3-4! Mummy has had to start buying trousers in age 3-4 as he is already starting to outgrow his 2-3 ones in leg length! He seems to be much taller than James was at the same age and he is already catching James up in height!! 

His sleeping as still be a bit hit and miss as he kept getting ill and ending up in mummy and daddy's bed, but now we are getting him to start the night in his own bed and most nights he will stay there till at least 11pm. We have had the odd night where he has gone to bed at half six or seven then woken about eleven, been resettled in his bed and then next time he has woken up it's been around half five or six am! But most nights he will end up in with mummy and daddy from around midnight. 

We are also in the middle of eliminating anything containing dairy from his diet. We have already removed cows milk, eggs and cheese from his diet and he now drinks almond milk with a little bit of water in at bed time. We have a hospital appointment for him in July to see paediatrics to get the ball rolling as to what is upsetting his poor tummy so much and if that is also the cause of his horrendous sleeping!

He had a brilliant time when we went down to visit Nanny and Pappy in Surrey over the February half term! He absolutely adored their cats Zippy and Cecil! And even now he loves to see them on face time! He loved being out and about in London and he had a great time running around in horse guards parade!

He is absolutely loving his sessions at our local playgroup and so is mummy as it gives me some free time to get work done and also to cook meals for tea without interruption!! He has finally stopped going in crying his eyes out, he normally whines a bit but there are no tears and he always comes running out with a big smile on his face chatting his head off!

He had a brilliant time on the early May bank holiday when we had all the hot weather! We bought a paddling pool for him and James and boy was it difficult to get him out of it! He is such a water baby! He even managed to escape mummy and run back into the garden half dressed and climb in and laugh at daddy!

I cannot wait to see how he does when we go on holiday in October! I think both him and James will have a brilliant time!! I admit I am a bit nervous about flying and being sat two and two!

Our next update on Freddie will be when he turns three!! Argh how is my dinky baby almost three!!

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