Wednesday 9 May 2018

Top Five things to do in Alcudia

So we are off to Alcudia in October and I have already started to do my research into things we can do with the kids! The last time I went to Majorca I was 19, so a lot of places have changed since I was last there! 

I asked some of my fellow bloggers and also friends who I know have visited the area for some suggestions of things we can do!

For us this has to be number one on our list as it is actually right next door to our hotel so we get free entrance! As we are all inclusive at the hotel we apparently get a 20% discount on food and drink in the park! This will be a brilliant day out for the boys; Freddie especially will adore it as he loves playing with water! I can easily see us spending a few hours here, especially as it is right next door to our hotel complex so we won't have too far to go if the boys get tired. 

A day trip to Palma
Palma is the capital of Majorca so I don’t think any trip to the island would be complete without spending a day in Palma. Palma has some beautiful architecture and of course some brilliant shopping! I definitely want to go to the marina and see the boats! I know both of the boys would love to see the boats! This was also suggested by Catherine from Here Come The Hoopers, who has a brilliant post about Palma

The Old Town Market
Samantha from North East Family Fun suggests visiting the Market in the old town as its perfect for kids to spend their holiday money and pick up traditional souvenirs! 

I think this will be a perfect place to visit as I love visiting markets when abroad. I can vaguely remember visiting markets when I went to Majorca back when I was 19.

The Pirates Show! Laura from Mum on a Mission says even though it is in Magaluf, The show would blow our minds! She used to be a holiday rep in Majorca so saw the show every week and loved it! This is something I have heard a lot about from friends but we never actually got to see it when I last went! This is something I think James would adore as he is pirate daft thanks to Swashbuckle and he is always pretending to walk the plank off our sofa!

Puerto de Alcudia 
Amy from All About a Mummy suggested going down to the port for local seafood and other cuisines. I think this would be lovely to do one evening maybe after dinner at the hotel. Both my boys love boats and I think the marina would be the idea place to get some lovely photographs of the boys and of course hopefully some lovely family photographs! 

These are just a few of the suggestions I got given! I will be sure to make a list before we go as we are only there a week so have to plan our time!

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