Wednesday 2 May 2018

Holiday Shopping Online!

This year is our first family holiday, even though we are not away till October we are doing the bulk of our shopping now! And having a two year old and a five year old means the majority of my shopping is done online! 

My go to shop for toiletries, especially when I know I am going to be traveling, has to be Boots especially as they have great offers! I'm already looking online and writing lists of what we will need. They are very reasonably priced with some items being available for under £2!

What I didn't realise was all the fantastic deals for Boots you could get on Groupon! I'm definitely going to be using Groupon to do our holiday shopping as I absolutely hate going into the shops especially if I have the boys with me! 

I don't know if its just my boys but they are both an absolute nightmare when we go shopping! They whinge and whine the whole time and normally we end up going home without buying anything that we actually need to get! It's got to the stage now where I plan to do any shopping trips when they are in school and playgroup!

It's not just toiletries I will be going to Boots for for our holiday. I will be buying swim nappies, suntan lotion, plus all our first aid kit necessities! Then you have the Mini Club clothing! I will definitely be wanting to pick up some bits for the two boys such as swim jackets and swim hats! Both my boys have very blonde hair so I will be wanting to keep their heads covered at all times especially when they are in the pool!

So Boots has definitely got my vote for holiday shopping online! Anything that keeps me happy and helps me to avoid taking my two monkeys out is definitely a winner!

**This is a sponsored post with Groupon**

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