Monday 6 August 2018

Our Television - What we watch!

As a busy mum who is not only a stay at home mum, but also a blogger and a web designer  the television can be both a hindrance and also my best friend!! It can distract the kids in the morning when I am running around like a headless chicken trying to get all our things ready for school, playgroup and of course now we are on summer holidays it occupies them while I get us ready to go out for the day. But it can also distract me when I am trying to work when I am home alone! It has got to the stage where I will sometimes take my laptop into the kitchen and work in there with music on via Spotify!

The first thing that I do every morning when I take the kids downstairs is switch on our Television and put it onto Channel 5 for Milkshake. We use Milkshake on a school morning as our clock! I mean they do have a clock on the screen but we tend to use the programmes as our clock. So when Paw Patrol finishes I tell James to go to the toilet, he then comes back downstairs and we put his coat, shoes and bag on then we watch The Floogals. Once The Floogals has finished that is our queue to leave for school.

We bought our television last year (2017) in the Black Friday sales and it is brilliant! It is a Samsung smart television, so we have Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube and YouTube Kids all built in. Plus we have ITV Hub, IPlayer, My5 etc too!

James has recently started to watch Scooby Doo on Amazon Prime but Freddie doesn’t like it very much so we keep Scooby Doo as a treat for James once Freddie is in bed. During the day when James has been at school Freddie loves to watch Peppa Pig and Blaze which is on both Amazon Prime and Netflix.

Having a smart television is just perfect for a family like us, It means we can use catch up television when the kids are in bed or at school/playgroup. Before we got the smart television I would have to use catch up television like IPlayer or ITV Hub on an evening on my iPad. But with Freddie being an early riser and not napping anymore I have to use the evenings to get my work done and then I tend to go to bed and be asleep by nine. So when both Freddie and James are at playgroup and school and Andy is at work the television is mine! So I catch up on things I miss on an evening.

The last few things I have watched on Netflix have been films, my favourite has to be Full Out which is about the American Gymnast Arianna Berlin who missed out on the Olympics due to being injured in a car accident and how she came back to the sport she loved! As a family we last watched Paddington 2 which the boys loved! But we quite often go back to old favourites we have just found on Amazon Prime like Thomas Day of the Diesels and Misty Island Mystery.  

I’m always on the lookout for new programmes or films to watch on Netflix or Amazon Prime so please leave a comment below with your favourite!

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