Saturday, 15 December 2018

Blogmas Day Fifteen

When I was a teenager and in my early twenties I totally loved my music and my boybands such as Westlife, Boyzone and D-Side. But since having the boys I have totally lost interest in music. Back then I could always tell you who was number one in the charts but now I couldnt even tell you what day the chart was released on!

Now tend to listen to all my old music via Spotify when I am working during the day! I tend to listen to Westlife and D-Side the most as they were my favourite bands growing up although I didnt actually meet Westlife properly till I was in my mid twenties and I had moved down to Surrey to live with Andy! It was easier to get into London to see them at breakfast television!

With D-Side I met them so many times I lost count! One of the guys is now a presenter on Milkshake on Channel 5, its so funny watching him on there and the boys loving him singing when mummy used to go and see him virtually every few weeks growing up!

My all time favourite band is actually a band from the 60s/70s/80s/90/00s called The Moody Blues. They are my dads favourite band and he brought me up listening to them! I first went to see them in concert when I was 5 years old and I have never missed a UK tour since! I even took James to see them just before he turned 3 and he loved them!

So this is all about my top music choices to listen to when I am working! What would you recommend for me to listen to which is a bit more recent!

Siblings in December

Its finally December and we have completed a whole year of the Siblings Project! I really cannot believe the fact I have managed to do it finally! The last couple of years we have given up after a month or two but 2018 was the year we did it!

Since the last Siblings Project post Freddie has turned three and the boys have started to get really excited in the run up to Christmas! They are loving the fact we are doing Elf on the Shelf again and every morning they get really excited to see what the Elves have done while they were in bed!

James has also had his school fair. Nana and mummy went to pick him up so he could enjoy some time with us without Freddie who stayed back at the house with Gaga! Mummy will be taking Freddie to see Santa again in a few days on a trip with his Playgroup! As well as the fair James has had a PE day at school, Parents evening, Christmas lunch and Christmas Jumper Day! We have the Nativity coming up in a few days!

The boys finish for Christmas this coming week and boy are they excited for the day itself! Freddie is really starting to get into the Christmas mood!

Friday, 14 December 2018

Blogmas Day Fourteen

For day 14 on Blogmas and its all about our Christmas Tree!

This year we have bitten the bullet and bought a new tree! Our old tree was 6ft, black and pre lit! Our new tree is 7ft, green and unlit! 

We chose to go with bronze coloured baubles, white lights and red tinsel with the odd old decoration! For our old decorations that we kept from our old tree we have a Paddington Bear, a Santa, two Santa keys, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Our family decoration and lastly our tribute decorations.

Along with our new bronze baubles, we also bought the carrot decorations from Aldi and a green dinosaur! 

Our Mickey and Minnie Mouse decorations are pretty special as we bought them seven years ago at Ye Olde Christmas shop in Magic Kingdom when we were on our honeymoon in Orlando.

Our tribute decorations are for my Nannie and also my great aunt. For my Nannie we have a gold star as James called her his star in the sky when she died and for my great aunt we have a white westie dog as she loved westies.  

Our family decoration we bought in 2016 in a local shopping centre from one of the stalls to personalise decorations. We bought it when we were out the weekend that Freddie turned one!

We bought a new tree topper in the form of an angel to replace the gold star we used to have. 

Not only did we buy a new tree for the lounge we bought a smaller battery operated 3ft tree for James to have in his bedroom! On that tree he has the decorations that he made at Baltic, some left over decorations from our big tree and the small decorations he got in a toot toot advent calendar a few years ago! 

Thursday, 13 December 2018

Blogmas Day Thirteen

I cannot believe I have got to the 13th of December and not wrote about Freddie's 3rd Birthday!

The day started early thanks to big brother wanting us to get up, but we managed to get him to calm down and let Freddie sleep!

Once Freddie was awake James insisted on singing Happy Birthday to him in bed before we all went downstairs to start opening his presents!

To be honest I think Freddie was totally overwhelmed at the sight of his presents and it did take him a good while to get through opening them all! He loved the fact he now has a scooter like James and he was loving riding it around the house!

Mummy had to go to Tesco as she had forgotten to buy a candle for the birthday cake! So once mummy was home it was time for her to start cooking up all the party food for when Nana and Gaga came down at lunch time! Poor mummy didn't actually sit down from 1030am till 1 pm and was absolutely exhausted by bed time!

I think apart from the scooter, Freddie's favourite present had to be Boris the Fingerling hug from Nana and Gaga! They had got one for James for his birthday back in August and Freddie was totally obsessed with it, so they decided to get him his own and he adores it! It gets played with virtually every day!!

Gaga had made Freddie a dairy free cake complete with gummy bears on instead of chocolate buttons! Both boys adored the cake and made a lot of mess when eating it!

Two weeks later and I still can't believe we have a three year old lmao! I still keep accidentally calling him a two year old and Daddy has to keep correcting me!

There is such a big difference between James at 3 and Freddie at 3! For example with James you could have a full blown conversation and Freddie is only just starting to string short sentences together!

So thats a brief insight into Freddie turning Three!

Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Blogmas Day Twelve

This year we took the boys to see Santa at a local garden centre as a review from this blog, then James saw Santa at his school fair so he has already had two Santa experiences this year! Freddie will be getting his second experience next week when we go to a local shopping centre with his playgroup!

So far this year I have been pretty pleased with how the boys reacted to Santa. Last year both boys ended up in tears at the shopping centre and James then got spooked at the school fair and sent mummy and Freddie in his place!

When we went to the garden centre James was fantastic! He was very chatty with Santa and his elf and answered all their questions! At his school fair he actually managed to be number one in the queue as the grotto was in the school library which is at the bottom of the staircase from his classroom! Again he was fantastic and chatted away to Santa. As with last year it was the school deputy head playing Santa, which James found hilarious!

So over all Santa has been a big plus this year for James. As for Freddie, well at the garden centre at the last minute he got a little bit spooked and wouldn't go into the actual grotto but he did stand at the door and look at Santa, I'm hoping when we go next week with his playgroup he will be a bit better as a lot of his little friends will be there too!

Tuesday, 11 December 2018

Blogmas Day Eleven

So welcome back to Elf update!The Elves have been creating so much mischief in out 1house since our last update! They even went to stay at Nana and Gaga's house for a night and boy were they naughty!

On Day Six we found the elves had been a bit naught over night and were trying their hand at pole dancing on our light oops!

On Day Seven we found them sat on our sofa with Freddie's Fingerling Hug Boris reading them a story!

On Day Eight we found they had been playing with James toy tractor and had taken it for a ride in the lounge!

On Day Nine well this has to have been the naughtiest by far from these two cheeky elves!We had been staying with Nana and Gaga and Rhul and Elfis got into their wine cooler and helped themselves to Nana's Prosecco! 

On Day Ten after all their antics last night they decided to have a chilled out time and we found them curled up on the sofa with their heads on a cushion and a blanket over them!

Our next Elf update will be on 16th December! I wonder how naughty they will have been?

Monday, 10 December 2018

Living Arrows 2018 50/53

Welcome back to another week of Living Arrows hosted by Donna over at What The Redhead Said. If you are new to this then the name of the linky comes from the poem by Kahlil Gibran "You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth"

So James had his school fair last week which he had a brilliant time at! The same day we had an electrician out to install some new sockets in our lounge and kitchen so nana and gaga came to keep mummy and Freddie company and then nana came with mummy to the school fair and to collect James while gaga stayed at home with Freddie and the electrician. James also got to go and see Santa at the fair. This year was so much better he chatted away to Santa I think it helped that he recognised his voice as his deputy head! Last year he refused to go in and sent mummy and Freddie in his place. 

Freddie has had a brilliant week at playgroup! He is running in so happy, and normally when I pick him up they had to shout for him at least three times before he actually comes to the door! In fact a few times one of the staff has had to bring him to the door as he's too busy having fun! On Tuesday when mummy took him up he was such a little monkey running the whole way!

We finished the week by going to visit nana and gaga for the night as daddy had his works Christmas party and mummy didnt want to risk him waking up the boys when he came home in early hours of the morning! 

Living Arrows