Wednesday, 24 January 2018

All About James

All About James!

James is now nearly five and a half years old and he's just over a term and a few weeks into year one at his primary school. My last big update on James was his birthday last August and I thought it was about time that I did an update on my big boy! 

As the photo shows he always seems to get food all over his face and he hates having his face washed so he took to wearing his spiderman mask this day to cover the mess and to stop us washing his face!

James was the inspiration behind the name Mummy to my little cheeky monkey when he was 20 months old! And he is definitely still very cheeky. He's got beautiful blonde hair and bright blue eyes and is my mini me! He definitely uses the big blue eyes to get his own way and he had his TA in nursery and reception classes wrapped around his little finger!!

Since going into year one at school he has developed a new found love for reading, at bedtime him and daddy have been reading Roahl Dahl books which he has loved! We started last summer reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator! We then moved onto The BFG and The Witches. So for Christmas we bought him George's Marvelous Medicine, The Twits and Fantastic Mr Fox. We do a reward Box with James and when he fills his box we have promised him a new book so he is working so hard to get his stars to get his book!!

Over half term we are going to visit daddy's family in Surrey and we will be spending a day in London as since he learned about the great fire of London in school and of course seeing Big Ben on Go Jetters he has wanted to visit London!!! We are also going to go and see Buckingham Palace as James loves the Queen. He even asked if he could meet her but mummy told him that would be slightly impossible.

He absolutely adores his little brother, well he does most of the time! Some days they are thick as thieves and others James wants him as far away as possible! Poor James is often being chased around by Freddie especially when he gets home from school! Freddie is like his little shadow when he gets home as he has really missed him during the day! 

We are so proud of James and how well he is doing at school.

Monday, 22 January 2018

Living Arrows 2018 4/53

Wow we have made it to week four! 
It's been another busy week here for James and Freddie. James has been on his second school trip of the term, this time it was to Washington Wetlands, and they have only been back at school three weeks! Freddie has been in playgroup for one session this week and instead of his second session, he came with mummy to an event in Jesmond with Messy Little Thing. This had been arranged since before his playgroup sessions were confirmed.

Most of my photos of James seem to be now taken either before or after school! He is so hard to get photos of these days. The boys went to a party last week and James never stayed still long enough for me to get a photo of him! This was the only photo I managed to get of him that day at the party that wasn't a blurry mess!


Freddie had a brilliant time at the Messy Little Thing event! He loved self feeding himself his food and of course stealing some of mummys lunch! We then on Thursday had our normal Sure Start Fun Play and Learn Group. Last week Freddie did a 2018 handprint calendar for mummy to have above her desk. Then at this session Freddie decided he was going to cover his hands in paint and then try and lick it off and ended up paint on his face!

Living Arrows

Friday, 19 January 2018


When we woke up on Thursday morning the whole of the outside was white!! It had snowed a lot over night! Mummy had been up in the night with a teething Freddie so we had been watching it fall at 1am, The size of the flakes coming down though oh my goodness they were huge! At one point Freddie was sat in his pushchair in front of the open blinds watching the snow fall as it seemed to calm him down!

James was thrilled when he woke up to see it was all white and was dressed so quickly for school as he knew he would be able to go walking in it and of course wear his wellie boots to school!

Pushing the pram with Freddie in up to the school was seriously hard work as the snow was so deep, in fact at times mummy ended up pulling the pram backwards up the paths or walking on the roads in the car tracks! It

Once we got in from school we went into the back garden to play with the snow! This was the first time mummy had let freddie loose in the snow in the garden and to say he loved it was an understatement! He kept giggling his head off at it! Now all mummy needs to do is buy Freddie a pair of wellie boots!!




Messy Little Thing @ Fratello's Jesmond

Now that Freddie is two, he is trying to feed himself his meals more and more, which means more and more mess for mummy and daddy! Daddy even bought us a new hoover to cope with the extra mess!

When the email landed in our inbox inviting us to Fratellos in Jesmond to have lunch and try out some products from Messy Little Thing we were thrilled! Freddie is definitely a messy eater, especially when it's messy food! He has been known to eat his sweet corn one bit at a time and with his fingers, so there is sweet corn and gravy everywhere!
Messy Little Thing are a small business, specialising in bibs and floor mats for weaning and self feeding your baby and toddler. I decided before the event to look at their website and get a feel for the brand. I have to say just from looking at the site I was impressed! I love that the bibs come with a bag so when its dirty you can throw it in the bag and then it won't mess the inside of your changing bag up or under the pram. From looking at the website I saw that their mission was "to enable parents and carers to relax while their kids are eating and playing. And reduce hours spent scrubbing clothes..."

In the past we have used disposable bibs with Freddie and I have found them to be a nightmare as he can rip them off so easy and they also can get ripped before they are even put on as he is not a fan of them!

We had to be at Fratellos for half past one so we left our house about half past eleven as we had about a ten minute walk down to the metro station and we were not sure how long we would have to wait for a train as they are meant to be every ten minutes. Plus mummy always gets lost when leaving Jesmond metro station! Sure enough when we got to Jesmond mummy turned the wrong way out of the metro station and ended up walking round in a circle!

 We had to pre order our food a few days before the event, so mummy chose Carbonara for herself and Chicken Strips for Freddie as its one of his favourite things as he can self feed it to himself! Although I knew that more than likely Freddie would help himself to my meal like he normally does!

When we arrived at about twenty to one and met the lovely PR Fran. Freddie was a little tinker while we were waiting for the set up to be finished! 

Once we were inside Fratello's, we were shown to the table where the products we would be testing were set out for us. Freddie was testing the Apron out along with the Messy Mat! The mat was definitely needed as while Freddie was having a quick snack most of his packet of crackers went all over when he decided to tip it out! Freddie was free to wander around and look out the windows which he loved as the restaurant faced onto the main road so he got to see lots of cars!! He even saw a couple of ambulances which made him very happy!

We then had a quick presentation from Dawn who founded Messy Little Thing and she told us the story behind how she came up with the idea for the cover all bibs! I wish these had been around when James was a baby! I love the fact they have velcro on the wrists, so you can fasten it around your child’s wrists. I lost count at the number of cover all bibs we went through with James where he still got the arms of his tops dirty as they sleeves didn't fit well!!

The apron that Freddie was testing out is one of five products that are now in the Messy Little Thing range! Going from a six month old baby up to the messy toddler which Freddie definitely is!!

The food at Fratello’s was amazing! It was the first time that I had actually been there and would certainly go back! Freddie absolutely loved his chicken strips however he soon got bored of his food and decided mummy’s was much more interesting so he shared some of my meal!


Thank you Messy Little Thing for inviting us to have lunch and test out the products! We have totally fallen in love with the apron and it will certainly be used for more meals and trips out for Freddie! I’m just hoping that James does not try to steal it!


**We were provided with the apron, Two Messy Little Thing t-shirts for the boys and our lunch free of charge in exchange for this review. All words and pictures are our own!**

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Unboxing of the BabyStart One Hand Fold Pushchair

For the last few months we have been looking for a new pushchair for Freddie. As we are going to be going on two big trips this year we started looking for something that was a bit more travel friendly. 

We currently use a Mamas and Papas Armadillo which we adore, but if we need to fold it, even though it is lightweight when it’s folded it is awkward to carry when we are carrying Freddie.

When we saw that Argos had the BabyStart One Handed Fold Pushchair reduced from £119.99 down to £46.99 we decided to get one to try out!

The reviews on the Argos website were kind of mixed, some were good and some were bad. But I think reviews of all pushchairs can be like that as we have seen some shocking reviews of the Armadillo and we ourselves had a terrible time with the one we had when James was a toddler. 

 Weighing only 5kg and suitable for children from six months to three years or weigh up to 15kg. When it is folded its dimensions are Length 55cm, Width 45cm and Depth 23cm. It has fixed recline positions, a 5 point harness, Lockable front swivel wheels, a handle height 97cm , Linked brakes and  an aluminium chassis.

This is going to be fantastic for us when travelling especially on the train as it means we should be able to put it in the overhead rack or under one of our seats! And with any luck we should be able to pop it up and strap Freddie in while still in the train carriage!

I picked this up from Argos and carried it back to our house no problem in a bag plus pushing Freddie in his Armadillo! Ok we might have got the free T1 bus from Tesco to the local shops and then walked from the shops to home, but that is what we quite often do when we have been up to Kingston Park.

The box contained: The chassis with fixed seat unit, The bumper bar and the two front wheels! The pushchair also came in its own carry bag which will be fantastic for when we take it to Majorca later this year!

When we got it home I started to assemble it and found it so simple. It was a case of open the box, open the bag, unclip the lock and unfold then click on front wheels and bumper bar! It was all set up and ready to go within about twenty minutes of us getting back into the house! It took me a few minutes to work out the folding mechanism, but once I had has put it up and down a few times I had it down to a tee! 

I really cannot wait to take this on the train in a few weeks time and give it a real test out on a day out in London! This photo is two photos of the pushchair one with bumper bar and one without! Since these were taken we have also added out spare footmuff to it so we know that Freddie will be nice and cosy especially on a day out and London in February and of course when we are crossing London and getting the train to their grandparents house in the evening.

**We purchased this Product with our own money and chose to write this review of it to show how useful it is in everyday life!**

Monday, 15 January 2018

Living Arrows 2018 3/53

Welcome back to Living Arrows and we have made it to week three!!

James has been back at school for a week now and boy am I glad to have some routine back! I have really missed it over the school holidays! We drop James off at ten to nine and since the school is so close to our house mummy and Freddie are normally back in by nine am at the latest! James also had a school trip on Tuesday to Thornley Woods which he thoroughly enjoyed! James loves nothing more than being outside in the mud! So he was sent off to school in his waterproof trousers and his wellies, but he did have his school trousers, socks and shoes in a bag!


Freddie started playgroup last week for his two weekly sessions and he seemed to have a had a slight wobble on his first day, where they phoned and asked me to come and pick him up early, but by the time I got there he had settled down. He was also back to his Fun Play and Learn group at Sure Start on Thursday! It was lovely to be back and see all his little friends! I think this group has been the making of him as he has been going since he was seven weeks old so he has grown up going once a week. He really gets confused if he is not there! Freddie has also taken a big shine to his Iggle Piggle that he got for his birthday from mummy's aunt and uncle! He was clinging onto him while eating his lunch!

Here's to completing week three and lets look forward to week four!

Living Arrows

Siblings January 2018

So again I am trying to do the Siblings Project for 2018! My Boys have grown up so much this last year, So I am determined to get a photo a month of my boys!

This month has been pretty quiet as James has gone back to school after his Christmas break and straight into a new project and a school trip on the second day of term! Freddie has also started his two sessions a week at a local playgroup.


These were taken during the school holidays before James went back to school. Daddy had just gone back to work after the New Year and James was messing about and jumping on Freddie who was sat on the sofa!

The boys have got a lot closer over the last year and I am really looking forward to recording their bond over the next twelve months!

The Siblings Project - Dear Beautiful