Saturday, 19 October 2019

Blogtober Day Nineteen

Today I am going to show a Throw Back Image. 

This photograph of the boys was taken just over a year ago when we were on holiday in Majorca. This was taken on the first night we were at Club Mac. We had gone for a wander around the complex and we had found the children's bar over in the Jupiter building. James had asked for ice cream and since Freddie is allergic to dairy he got a slush.

Both boys look so young and it was only just over a year ago this photograph was taken! Although to be fair Freddie was not even three when it was taken and James had just turned six. Now they are seven and almost four!

Freddie seems to have grown up so much since he started his fifteen preschool hours back in January. His speech has definitely exploded!

Friday, 18 October 2019

How To Get You And Your Child Ready For University

**Collaborative Post**

Starting University is an exciting, but nerve wracking time for you and your child. You’ll both be out of your comfort zone, as you have to let go enough to send them out into the world, and they have to learn to look after themselves. There are a few great ways to help get you both ready for this big change.

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Teach Them To Fend For Themselves
University will be a lot easier on your child if they already have some idea of how to fend
for themselves. Living in student accommodation can be a steep learning curve if they’re
not used to cooking, cleaning or laundry. 

During their last summer at home, set them the challenge of looking after themselves.
Give them a budget, and ask them to cook dinner for the family one night a week, so they
get used to shopping on a budget and cooking some actual meals instead of relying
on the takeaway. Help them to learn some cheap to make recipes or bulk meals like
casseroles or lasagna. 

Stop doing their laundry and put them in charge of it, so you know they know how
to use a washing machine without your help. Ask them to do the grocery shop for the
family occasionally, and stop helping them to organise their life. No more shouting
up the stairs to check they’re up for college. They’ll need to learn to get by without you. 

Teach Them To Budget
University isn’t cheap. Even setting aside the cost of the fees, your child will need to
learn to live on their student loan and budget throughout the term. If they’re not used to
budgeting, it can be easy for them to overspend at the beginning of term and end up
short later on. Encourage them to learn to meal plan to save money on food. 

Sit down and have a chat about money. Set some rules about when you’ll be willing to
bail them out if they’ve overspent. You need them to feel like they can tell you if they
have got into a mess, but you don’t want them to fritter their money away because they
know they can always ask you more. They need to learn to live on their own money
and be responsible with their finances. 

Help With Homesickness
It’s natural for students to feel a bit homesick when they first get to University. They will
miss their old friends, and the family, and may be a bit scared of making new friends and
learning to live alone. If they’re struggling, they might ask you to come home to visit a lot
in their first few weeks. As you much as you might miss them, encourage them to wait
before they come home. If they come in the first weeks, they’ll miss out on a lot of
important socialising and chances to make friends. 

If your child is homesick and is asking to come home, that’s going to be rough on you too.
Try to be tough, and push them to rough it out for at least the first month before you let
them come back for a visit. Instead, stay in touch over the phone, or start up a family
Whatsapp chat so everybody still feels involved with each others day to day life. 

Encourage Good Study Habits
Going from college to university can be quite a culture shock and the workload expected
may be a struggle at first. If you have always been a big help to them for homework and
revision, now is the time to step back and let them learn how to work alone.

Help them to find a revision method that works for them, but after that, don’t get involved.
At University, they will need to motivate themselves without you. Instead, make sure they
know that they should approach their tutors for help if they’re finding it hard to keep up.
You can be a listening ear, but they need to learn to study without your intervention. 

Teach Them To Be Safe
It’s not all that nice to think about, but it is important to send them off to university with
some idea of how to keep safe. For many students, they won’t be used to the freedom,
the drinking and the temptation that can be a normal part of student life. 

Have a frank chat about safe sex. You might prefer to assume they won’t be having sex
at university, but you need to give them the tools to stay safe. Make sure they know they
need to always use a condom, and where they can get birth control. 

Gently remind them about getting home safely from a night out. They should never try to
drive home or accept a lift from anyone who has been drinking. They should also know
how to spot a licensed taxi, and that getting an unlicensed on is a risk. Many parents now
give their children an Uber account, but add their own card to pay for it, so they know that
their child can always get home safely. 

Boys and girls should be reminded not to ever leave a drink unattended, and not to let
someone wander off alone on a night out. Make sure they know how to spot the signs of
someone who has had a drink spiked and how they should help them. 

Sit down and have a conversation about mental wellbeing. University is a big life change
and it’s natural to feel stressed occasionally. If they are getting overwhelmed and feel
unable to cope, it’s important to give them the tools to manage. Universities offer support
for students who need it, so encourage them to use those services and talk to you whenever
they feel they need to. 

University can be overwhelming and scary for both of you, but it is also an amazing
opportunity. Once the first difficult weeks are over and they start to make friends,
your child is sure to love student life. Give them the tools to look after themselves,
and they can use university as a chance to learn about themselves and lay the foundations
for growing into a self-sufficient, independent grown up that you can be proud of after they

Blogtober Day Eighteen

Today I am going to tell you all about my favourite apps on my phone!

So as I mentioned in a previous post. I have an android phone, which is a Sony Xperia L3.

The apps I tend to use the most are: Facebook, Instagram, Amazon Kindle, Spotify and Uber Social.

My favourite app definitely has to be the Amazon Kindle app. I have a subscription to Amazon Unlimited so I can read as many books as I would like each month. I think reading when I go to bed definitely helps me to sleep better and my brain is much calmer than when I would be messing around on social media before going to bed.

I have found that I sleep longer if I have been reading than I do if I have been on social media. Having the Kindle App means I will actually sit down and read. I found if I had to actually pick up a book I wouldn't read it as I would be too scared that the kids would get a hold of it and wreck it!

So over all my favourite app is 100% the Amazon Kindle App!

Thursday, 17 October 2019

Blogtober Day Seventeen

And its day 17 of Blogtober and the prompt I am using is "Quotes" 
So I am going to share a few of my favourite quotes my one of my favourite photographers Ansel Adams.

Wednesday, 16 October 2019

Blogtober Day Sixteen

Welcome to day 16 of Blogtober! We are around half way through a post everyday in October! Today the prompt I am using is "Five Facts!" So I am going to give you five random facts about me!

Fact One!
I have met both Eric Cantona and Peter Schmeichel! - When I was around 11, The Manchester United squad were staying at a hotel near where my parents live before they played Newcastle. So my dad took me up to the hotel early on the Sunday Morning to see if we could see any of the players. As we were driving up the hotel driveway, these two figures stepped out into the road. My dad had to drive around them. When they turned around it was Cantona and Schmeichel. I have photographs with them and I had the biggest smile on my face for weeks to come as they are both Legends!

Fact Two!
When I was at university I did work experience with MUTV. It was between September 2007 and February 2008 and it was literally the best experience of my life! I was working on the documentary they made to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Munich 1958 air disaster where eight players sadly lost their lives. I got my name in the credits which I was so proud of!

Fact Three!
I worked in a holiday park bar the summer I turned 18. 

Fact Four!
I absolutely love boy bands especially from the 90s/00s. My favourites are Westlife and D-Side!!

and Finally Fact Five!
Me and Andy went on our honeymoon to Orlando. 

Theses are all pretty random but yep five facts about me!

Tuesday, 15 October 2019

Siblings October Blogtober Day Fifteen

Welcome to the October edition of The Siblings Project!
I really cannot believe we are into October already! The last few weeks have been so busy with Freddie starting Nursery and James starting Year Three!

This months post is also part of 2019 Blogtober - A blog post every day in October!

This month James has been loving:
* His walkie talkies
* Beavers
* His Tablet

Freddie has been loving:
* His Moo
* Being at Nursery
* Balloons 

Monday, 14 October 2019

Living Arrows 2019 41/52 Blogtober Day 14

Welcome to Living Arrows post 2019! If you haven't heard of the linky before, This was set up by Donna at What the Redhead Said and the name comes from the poem by Kahlil Gibran "You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth" Each week I post one photo of James and one photo of Freddie and share what they have been up to that week! 

Its week 41 already and today's post is also part of Blogtober 2019 - a blog post for every day in October!

This week James had to have some teeth out at the Dental hospital, so poor kid has not had a very nice end to the week. He is also in a phase where he does not want nice photographs taken of him either!

Freddie has had a great week at school! He has settled into the school nursery so well and is making lots of new little friends. I think that it helps having his best pal from playgroup there with him who's big sister is actually one of James classmates. The pair of them are so cute together. They are quiet often found chasing James around before school roaring like dinosaurs at him! 

Living Arrows