Friday 25 December 2015

Freddie one month old

Freddie you are one month old & it's your first Christmas Day. 

The past month has flown by! I really can't believe that you are a month old already. You hate being put down and like nothing more than being snuggled up on mummy's chest. 

You are still in newborn clothing and size 1 nappies. You are taking 4oz bottles every two and half to four hours. You have given us a few five hour blocks over night which is good. You get so grumpy if your bottle is taken away from you. You seem to be taking after your big brother and like music channels and of course the jingles on sky news - they seem to always grab your attention.

You love doing tummy time on your changing mat, which James hated till he was a few months old. Again just like James you have amazing head control and have done since the day you were born. We have had a few instances where you have tried rolling during tummy time, as much as I love you copying your big brother and his development I want you to slow down so we can savour every moment! I'm hoping you are not an early crawler like James! I'm not ready for two little boys following me around the house! 

You have been a bit poorly with a cold and now a cough but I suppose it's to be expected with a big brother bringing home germs from nursery. 

I'm so excited for Christmas and our family being completely. You have really just slotted in and it feels like you have always been here. I know you won't know what's going on but I'm excited for our day. 

I really wish your great nannie could have met you, I'm sure she would have loved you as much as she loved James. I hope when you are older you will like to hear about her & I'm sure James will teach you all the songs and things she taught him.

James is starting to get braver around you & actually let mummy and daddy give you both cuddles at the same time. Hopefully by two months old he may have actually given you a cuddle!

Love you lots my little Freddie Bear

Mummy xxx

Wednesday 16 December 2015

Freddie Three Weeks Old

Three weeks

So Freddie is now three weeks old! It's gone so fast. Andy has now been back at work a week & we are slowly starting to get into a routine in the mornings. 

Freddie now weighs 8lbs 2oz. He's still in newborn size clothing & wearing size 1 nappies. He's moved onto 4oz bottles, taking them every three to fours hours. We have had one episode where he went six hours over night, but he woke up in such a hissy fit, so trying to keep it to a minimum of four hours between feeds. He's got a bit of a cold which he picked up from James, it's making him very snotty & snuffly, so using saline drops to keep his nose clear. He's still very much a mummy's boy. He loves being in his baby carrier for the school run and loves being in his pram. We have had to buy a newborn snowsuit as the ones our friends gave us, which are 0-3 size, swamp the poor boy. He's still being really strong and lifting his head. He passed all his checks with the health visitor too! He's very alert when he's awake too! 

Mummy is doing really well three weeks on. I had my stitches out on day ten and everything is great. I only weighed myself a couple of times while I was pregnant & one of those was at the hospital the Friday before I had Freddie, so I was pretty surprised to find I was only 1lb heavier than my pre pregnancy weight fifteen days after having Freddie. I still get the odd twinges of pain,but only if I do too much.

James is still not impressed with his little brother. He is starting to get slightly better at times. He let mummy sit on the floor and build towers with Freddie sitting on my knee. Hopefully having two weeks of school with mummy & Freddie and a few days with daddy too will help him. 


Wednesday 2 December 2015

Freddie one week update

So our little man is now a whole week old! How is that possible, it feels like he's been here forever.

I'm going to write about Freddie first, then mummy, then James.

So at a week old Freddie now weighs 7lbs 4oz so he didn't actually lose any of his birth weight he gained 2oz. He takes 3oz feeds every three to four hours. He's wearing size 1 nappies and is wearing newborn size clothing. He is such a mummy's boy and likes nothing better than lying on mummy's chest after a feed for a snooze. He's not too impressed with his Moses basket, so he normally settles on me then daddy moves him into his basket. He had his heel prick at five days old and yes screamed his head off! Someone needs to remind Freddie that he is only a week old as he uses his legs to push himself up my body when he's lying on my shoulder. And like his big brother he has amazing head control for a newborn!

A week on for mummy from c section and I'm not feeling too bad. I'm getting out and about walking slowly normally just up to the nursery to pick up James. Still getting plenty of rest while Andy is off work and able to help with James! The dressing has been taken off and I'm using a maternity pad to cover the stitches to avoid catching them on clothing or James catching them.

We need to try and get ourselves organised a bit better in the morning as once Andy is back to work we will need to be out the door by half past eight to get to school on time!

James is still very unsure about his little brother. He always says good morning and good night to Freddie but still no kisses or cuddles. I know it's going to take time but hopefully we will get there! 

Friday 27 November 2015

The arrival of Freddie

So Freddie Andrew Tinline Hockley arrived safe and sound on 25th November 2015 at 1219pm weighing 7lbs 2oz.

As I said in my 38 week update I was hoping the midwife would refer me back to the consultant, which they did. They rang up there and then getting me an appointment for the following Tuesday when I would be 39 weeks pregnant. 

We (Andy, myself & my mum) went along to the appointment to find out the safest way to deliver Freddie after all the trouble I had when I had James with the slow labour and how fast James came out causing a tear.

We were advised that a c section was our best option. Another appointment was made for me to go in on the Friday at 39+3 to make all the plans.

So fast forward to 25th November when I was 40+1 weeks pregnant. This was the date we were given for the section. I had to be in the RVI (Royal Victoria Infirmary) for 0730am. We arranged for James to be with my parents the night before and that once we were in recovery Andy would let them know. We also arranged that once we had the OK Andy would ring them to come in with James. 

I was third on the list for that morning so once I had all obs done, we chilled out n as we hadn't had much sleep the night before plus it had been an early start for the hospital. 

They took me down at 1120 and I did start to get a little nervous as I knew we would soon be holding Freddie. First thing done was a cannula in my wrist as I have pathetic veins in my hands. All too soon they had the spinal in and I was lying down. The combination of the medications made me feel sick so anti sickness medication was given. 

The first I was aware of Freddie being born was hearing him cry which made me cry as when I had James because he came so fast I was more stunned than emotional. The midwife brought him over to me then took him to be cleaned and weighed. I couldn't believe he was 7lbs 2oz! 

He was brought over to me for skin to skin which was something I didn't get with James, so this time it was important I got it and also that I did his first feed as again I also missed this with James. I did have some more nausea so more anti sickness medication was given while Andy had cuddles with his second born.

Once we were in recovery, I gave Freddie his first bottle which he guzzled down. I then got his wind up first attempt. We also started letting people know that he had arrived. We had made decision that nothing would be posted on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram etc till after James had met him.  

Once I was able to start moving my legs, I was transferred to what is called enhanced recovery. It was once I was in here and able to eat and drink that mum,dad & James were able to come in and see us. I was so happy to see James as I had really missed him. 

Once I was in my own night clothes and able to walk I was transferred to postnatal ward. Once I was in there Andy and James went home and I finally got a chance to rest although I did spend most of my time staring at Freddie. 

Once I had seen the doctor I was cleared for discharge, so once we had my painkillers we booked a taxi and home we came to start our life as a family of four! 

The care we received from the community midwifes and the staff of the RVI was amazing. I can't thank them enough for bringing our second little man into the world safely.

Tuesday 10 November 2015

Pregnancy update 38 weeks

Well I have made it to 38 weeks and I'm not going to lie, the last two weeks have been totally and utterly horrendous pain wise! I now have just two weeks until his due date but if it's like last time it will be three weeks! 

Last week at 36+6 had to phone midwife and the assessment unit due to the amount of pain I was in sitting, standing, walking in fact everything I did caused pain. Was given the advice of paracetamol and a bath. All ok when you have someone in the house but I hate taking painkillers when I'm at home alone with James and I have been like that since he was born. I don't even like having a bath when I'm home alone with James at the moment, in case I can't get out. I can't even read James a bedtime story as I cannot get comfortable on his bed. Poor Andy has been getting home around half past six every night and been having to do bath time & bedtime as its impossible for me. 

Then on Saturday at 37+4 I was even worse with pain trying to get around, it got to the point James was having to help me up the stairs, so again spoke to midwife who wanted me to go into assessment unit, but low and behold their answer was go see GP, which I haven't been able to do as all the triage appointments would leave me unable to get to the school in time for James.  

Baby is doing good though, he's head down and a proper fidget. He has been moving his body from side to side which has been a big source of my pain. I don't have any fat on my stomach so I feel ever little movement which at times is agony. He's a very big squirmer and likes to poke his bum & feet out! It feels like he's going to have big feet like his big brother! I just hope he does not have smelly feet like James! 

I'm back to midwife on Thursday so hoping she will refer me back to consultants to see what can be done to help me. I really don't fancy going over due again as it was hell last time as I was in slow labour for a week & no one knew when my waters actually went therefore I ended up back in hospital with a five day old baby, but add James into the mix this time that would be even worse - having unsettled baby & unsettled three year old, especially now James is at nursery.

James has been pretty unsettled due to how mummy has been, even acting up in nursery which is not like him at all. I really hate how all my pain and lack of being able to move around is affecting him. I'm so hoping baby comes sooner rather than later so we can start being a family of four and going back out and about without me struggling. 

But over all we are so ready for this boy to come! His pram is ready in the kitchen, his Moses basket has been moved into our room so James can get used to it being there and yes CB bear has already had a sleep in it on more than one occasion! 

Monday 2 November 2015

Half Term Holiday - We Survived!

Woo hoo as I write this James is back at nursery on the countdown to Christmas! This week is his nursery rhyme challenge on Wednesday which mummy is really looking toward to. Will be keeping my legs crossed to make sure baby stays put till after its finished!

I'm not going to pretend that the weeks holiday was easy, as it was far from it! Being 36 weeks pregnant with a energetic three year old to entertain was hard work! So much so me & James ended up going to stay with my mum & dad for a few days as after one day of no nursery I was worn out & exhausted!

It was great being able to relax as James only wanted his nana & gaga to play with him! He has them wrapped round his little finger! Whatever he asks for he gets lol! 

On Friday we took a walk to our new aldi, which has only been open a week as we needed to get some fruit. We then came home, had lunch & spent the whole afternoon watching Thomas films till it was bedtime! 

Saturday we got up & went back to aldi to do our weeks shopping. We then went home put it all away then went into town as we needed to get a present for James nursery friends birthday. We also managed to get a present for James to give his baby brother when he's born! We went to a little cafe in granger market for coffee, well latte for daddy & hot chocolate for mummy. Oh and yummy cake which James demolished as we think it will probably be the last weekend we get out just the three of us before baby arrives! 

Sunday James had a birthday party to go to at half past three, so we cooked a roast for lunchtime and chilled out for the day watching football till it was party time. James had a brilliant time at the party which was at the local sports centre near our house in their soft play! 

We also had a major breakthrough over the holidays - James stopped using his potty & started using the toilet instead! He also now asks for the toilet, which is a huge milestone as just a couple of weeks ago he was petrified! Daddy bought him a Jupiter from fireman Sam as a well done present! 

So he's back to nursery! Hope he's having fun and behaving! 

Tuesday 27 October 2015

Pregnancy update 36 weeks

So 36 weeks, one more week till I'm classed as full term! I really can't believe how fast this time has gone! It really does not seem five minutes since we found out baby boy was on the way, then announcing he was due in May & now it's about to be November the month he is due, not that I am actually expecting him to arrive in November! I'm still convinced he is going to be a December baby!

At my 34 week midwife appointment baby boy was measuring 32 weeks, but that was due to his position. He was head down, but had his body all on my right hand side, with his bum under my right ribs, I have a feeling he has moved since then though. Will find out on Thursday at my 36 week appointment. 

He's a proper little fidget and likes nothing more than poking out a foot when I'm trying to go to sleep. I'm still suffering with insomnia, normally starts between one or two am and goes on till three or four am! We had a pretty bad night with James last week, when he wanted to get up for school at half one, so once he was dropped off mummy came home and had a couple of hours sleep before picking him up! To be honest I have at least an hours sleep after dropping him off most mornings.

We have a few events coming up at nursery for James in next few weeks, starting with the nursery rhyme challenge on 4th November when I will be 37+1 weeks. We also have the school Christmas fayre on 27th November, just a few days after baby boy is due! We are going to have to have gaga on standby for that week so James does not miss out on the fayre & nana can stay look after mummy. 

I'm starting to struggle with walking so as far as I go on my own is James nursery school which is about a five minute walk from our house. If I need to go any further I have to either get my parents to come down and take me places or wait till either Andy is off on a Friday or Saturday. 

We have done most of our Christmas shopping now for family and friends. The trip into town totally exhausted me! We got home and I passed out on the sofa for a couple of hours while James had some daddy time. Nana and gaga had picked him up from school so we didn't have to rush home from town. I think rest of shopping will be done online or after baby arrives! Especially for each other and the last bits for the boys! 

I'm really hoping I don't go too far over as I don't fancy being induced! But I'm convinced he's going to be at least a week late like James was!

Monday 26 October 2015

What's in my hospital bag?

So I'm now 36 weeks pregnant, so I thought it was time to pack mine & baby h's bags for the hospital.

At the very top of my bag are my notes! These will go in at the last minute as obviously I will need them for appointments before I go in to have baby h! 

My bag is a cheap holdall from primark. In that I have packed the following: Old tshirt for giving birth in, Pjs for after birth as it will be winter, Sleep bra & Normal bra these are from primark, Socks To keep my feet warm, Big pants again from primark, Maternity pads, Home outfit which is joggers tshirt & hoody, Phone & charger, Straws & my Wash bag. I also have a blanket for baby and his first outfit. 

In the wash bag I have toothbrush, toothpaste, brush, lip balm, hair bobbles, deodorant and shampoo.

For baby h I am using our Babymoov style changing bag. In his bag I have packed: Nappies, Wipes, Nappy bags, Small sudocreme, Vests x3, Sleep suits x3, Hats x2, Blanket which was actually one of James when he was newborn, Teddy, Going home outfit, Dummies x2, Bibs x3, Muslins x3. We have chosen to bottle feed straight from the word go like we did with James. So the baby milk is in my baby along with two bottles in our bottle bag. 

I'm hoping I haven't forgotten anything important, but since the hospital is like ten minutes walk from the main shopping area in Newcastle I'm sure my mum & dad can go pick things up if we need them! 

I really should have taken photographs but James was pestering me and running off with the camera as normal!

Saturday 24 October 2015

Nursery - First half term over!

So it's half term holidays! James has finished his first few weeks at nursery. Ok the schools here didn't go back till 7th September, so James didn't get his home visit till 14th September, then his induction morning was on 16th September. He then didn't have his first two hour session till the following Thursday.

How has he done? Well after a very shaky start of him being very upset at drop off and not doing too well on his first couple of days at three hours. This last week he has done his full 15 hours and he has absolutely loved it! 

We are still having trouble with him not using the toilet at school, but other than that he has really settled down and has started making some friends. He loves doing painting and drawing, he also loves the sandpit! For a child who hated sand this time last year it's amazing how much he loves the sandpit.

CB bear is still going in with him, but hopefully we will be leaving CB at home soon to look after mummy! 

He gets very grumpy on a weekend when he is not in nursery, so I'm really hoping we don't have too many problems this week with there being no nursery!

Once he goes back after half term there is only three weeks till baby brother is due to arrive!

Tuesday 13 October 2015

Pregnancy update 34 weeks

So I'm now 34 weeks pregnant with baby boy two! Cannot believe he is due in six weeks! The time seems to have flown by so quick! But we have been so busy I'm not surprised. What with moving out of rented house, into mum & dads for nine weeks, then into our house it's been a crazy time.

I'm getting lots of movement from baby boy, normally when I'm eating or trying to relax! James voice seems to send him crackers. He is also such a fidget like James was. He seems to like poking out limbs when I'm trying to go to sleep at night.

I'm still suffering really bad insomnia at nights. A few times I have been awake for the day at 3/4am. Lucky James has had a few naps after nursery so I have been able to get some sleep in too. Once baby boy is here I'm guessing the tiredness will be worth it as will be up with him rather than lying wide awake in bed on Facebook.

Nursery is an on going situation with James. He's done a couple of days at full three hours but he seems to have a phobia of using the toilet at school so has been picked up in tears a couple of times as he's been that desperate but scared to go, that being the reason he can't stay I. For full three hours as teachers do not want him holding his wee in that long. Hoping this week we can try and take him into toilet before he goes into the classroom see if that helps him. Other than that he absolutely loves it and gets very grumpy when it's the weekend and he can't go! 

This last week we have been practicing fitting the car seat into my parents car with the seatbelt as the base we used in their old car can't be used in the car they have now. 

All we need to buy now is the baby milk for the hospital bag and they are all sorted! Still a few practical bits to get for example a changing mat and bedding for Moses basket! I'm hoping we haven't forgotten anything important! But then again hospital is a short walk from Newcastle city centre and all the main shops!

Tuesday 29 September 2015

Pregnancy update 32 weeks

So eight weeks till due date! We are getting sorted slowly.
I'm feeling large and very tired! Really hate not being able to pick up James.

Speaking of James he's finally started nursery school. If you follow me on Twitter you will already know this has not been a great start. Poor boy has been picked up in tears and dropped off in tears. This has not been good for mummy and her stress levels. Still we have eight weeks till baby is due to get him sorted.

Have finally packed my hospital bag this last weekend, still have a couple of bits to get and put in but it's mostly sorted. Baby h has his bag all packed too. 

I'm starting to run out of clothes that fit so living in trackies when in the house and my comfy maternity jeans and jumpers when out and about. 

Getting out and about is really tiring now. Went into Newcastle over the weekend to meet Andy from work and by time I got back I was exhausted and in bed asleep by nine. Was glad to get some sleep as I still have the dreaded insomnia between three and four most mornings! The furthest I tend to go now when Andy is at work is the nursery & shops. I can't even take James to the park anymore as I can't lift him into swings :( 

Mum and me had our tour of the hospital last week which was great! Fingers crossed he comes after 37 weeks so can use birthing centre! But on a whole I loved the whole hospital so if had to use delivery suit I wouldn't mind.

Next update in two weeks at 36 weeks! It's getting closer to d-day! 

Thursday 24 September 2015

Hospital Tour

So yesterday mum and me had our tour of Newcastle Birthing Centre and also the RVI delivery suit in preparation for the arrival of baby h!

What can I say about from it was fantastic! Me and Andy have certainly made the right choice in choosing to have baby h at this fantastic hospital!

From the comfy waiting area at the birthing centre to a lovely waiting area at the delivery suit I knew straight away I wanted to have baby h at the birthing centre! I knew from having James what I don't want to happen. I felt like the hospital I had him at were too quick to give diamorphine and also insisted on me being on the bed hooked up to monitors where as the people at birthing centre said even on a drip u can still move around the room. They also only let two people into the room with you so when I asked to see my dad my mum had to leave the room! The birthing centre does not limit the amount of people in the room with you which for me is great as I know I will want to see my dad and James pretty much as soon as I can after having baby h! 

Sadly Andy had to miss the tour as he should have been at work, but had actually been ill. But there is a video on YouTube he can watch!

Just under nine weeks now till due date and I'm feeling very calm especially now I have seen the facilities! 

Now all we need is for baby h to come of his own accord after 37 weeks!

Birthing centre

Delivery suit

Wednesday 16 September 2015

Nursery induction- The One hour visit

So we have had our one hour visit to nursery. 

How did it go you ask? Well it started out great. James was happily playing outside till it was time to go in. Once in he saw the reception class next door to nursery had diggers so he dived in & got upset when mummy had to take him out. 

Once in the right classroom he soon perked up once he saw the animal figures and of course the fire staton he fell in love with before the summer.

He played quite happily in the classroom & then the kids were told they could go outside. This is when I knew there would be problems as James had spotted the diggers in the sand pit. I sent Andy a message asking him to come and meet us.

Once it was signalled as being time to go, that's when meltdown central really kicked off. I managed to get him into his coat and get him outside. Luckily daddy was there & he came n picked him up and took him home while I popped to post office. 

Meltdown central was still happening 45 minutes later! Still he calmed down when he got hot chocolate and mummy put on Thomas king of the railway.

I can't believe how grown up my little dude is! 

Hopefully things will go better next week when he's in for longer and mummy starts to leave. 

Tuesday 15 September 2015

Nursery induction- The Home Visit.

Yesterday morning we had our home visit from James new nursery teacher and nursery nurse. James being typical James decided he was going to spend the whole visit hiding under daddy's desk. This is pretty normal when someone comes to our house.

There was lots of questions on things he likes doing, what he likes to eat, what he's scared of etc. 

We also went through his routine ie bed times what time he wakes up. His favourite things to do ie trains, diggers, cranes etc. the teacher was telling us about a construction are they have this term. I think James is going to love it as he loves nothing more than building towers & bridges. His favourite toys are his digger, his trains & his crane! 

Even though he spent the whole time hiding he is very excited about going to the nursery on Wednesday for his hour, the big test though will be next week when he goes in for two hours, which will build up to the full three hours for a full start on Monday 5th October! 

I'm really excited for this new chapter that is starting in our lives. I think once James gets used to the new routine for mornings where he will have to be up,fed & dressed then put the door by half past eight I'm hoping he with start to thrive! 

Saturday 12 September 2015

Potty training - three weeks in!

So three weeks and two days after we took a tough stand on James and his potty refusal it looks like we have finally had a breakthrough!

This week he has been brilliant! We have been getting both number 1 and number 2s on potty. There has been less reminding him and asking him to go. There has been a lot of going on his own free will.

But the biggest breakthrough was yesterday (Friday 11/09/15) when we were out, he used one of his travel potty seats for the first time! Before that he would hold it in till we got home and he could use his potty.

We are so proud of him and how quickly he has adapted especially as he starts nursery school next week! 

The next step is getting him to use a seat on the toilet at home. I think this may take a while as our toilet is pretty old and high, so we may have to purchase some sort of higher step for him.

I'm so glad he is out of nappies/pull ups during the day! Especially as his little brother is due in 10 weeks time! (I'm saying more like 12 weeks as I'm convinced he will be two weeks late!)

So onto night time well surprisingly he's quite often dry in the morning. I would say normally five mornings out of seven when we take his night nappy off it is bone dry! I'm not ready to take him out of nappies all together at night just yet. I think once he is dry every night for a few weeks then we will consider it. 

Sunday 6 September 2015

The week before the madness starts

So this coming week marks my last full week at home with James before the madness of the nursery induction starts. I can't believe how fast the time has come for my little boy to start the journey of education. 

We have his home visit from his teacher on September 14th, then madness kicks in from the 16th when we spend our first hour in the nursery setting. Then we are back in on 24th, but this time we there for two hours. Then parents gradually withdraw and the time gets longer. So by October 5th, James will be in nursery full time 0855 till 1155 Monday till Friday! 

We have virtually cracked potty training this last week. Well number ones we have. Still having issues with getting to potty in time for a number two.

Mummy is feeling very emotional at the thought of James being away from me for three hours a day, but it will do us both good, especially as I enter the last few weeks of pregnancy. 

I feel lucky that the way Andy's work shifts work out he can share the induction process with me, giving me time to relax and rest at home before going to meet him & James at the end of nursery.

Then once James is in full time daddy can do some of the drop offs, especially as it gets closer to baby arriving. 

I'm hoping James settles in quickly so we don't have to be in with him for too long.

Tuesday 1 September 2015

Potty training Mr Stubborn!

When it comes to potty training, James is definetly Mr Stubborn! 

We first got his potty chair from mothercare in summer 2014 just before he turned two. Having it around the house was pretty good, but James was showing no interest in learning how to use it. 

As his third birthday started approaching I started to panic a little about having to send him to nursery wearing pull-ups, as well some days he could get through three pairs in an hour! We decided that the day after he turned three there would be no more pull-ups! 

We are now six days in & today we only had one little accident! We still haven't left the house yet, that will happen on Thursday when James goes to tesco with his gaga while mummy goes for midwife appointment.

Will do a training update in a couple of weeks! 

Trouser less till we can master staying dry! (Yes he is sat on a towel!)

Gro to Bed Review

Like most toddlers, bedtime can be challenging with James. One of the main problems is keeping the duvet and pillows actually on the bed.

James was a summer baby so even as a newborn baby, he would always be kicking off his blankets as he was too small to sleep in gro bags till he was about eight weeks old. Once he was wearing them we had no problems. But since he moved into a big boy bed with a duvet and pillow we again started experiencing him kicking them off during the night then waking up cold.

When The Gro Company got in touch and asked if we would like to test out their Gro to bed range we jumped at the chance.

The Gro Company say "Comfortable, safe and available in a number of lovely designs, the ‘Gro-to-bed range we make at the Gro Company is produced with the comfort and safety of your child in mind.

Gro to bed conforms to UK safety standards, and is produced using the highest quality materials. It features an innovative zip in system to ensure that a toddler won’t kick free of the bedding during the night or fall out of the bed." 
I love how the pillow case is fixed to the sheet meaning the child can't move it during the night. James has a habit of pushing his out the bed so this should solve that problem.
It was very easy to put on the bed. It was simply open box, unfold bedding, unzip duvet cover from sheet, put sheet on bed, pillows into case, duvet into cover & zip onto bed! James absolutely loved the fact it was covered in transport ie buses cars etc! 
After the first night on the bed I'm so far very impressed. Going in to check on James and not having to try and navigate a pillow back into the bed or put the duvet back on after it had been kicked off was great! We did have one wake up but that was for a drink which is quite normal.
The Gro to bed system has now been on a few days and we as a family are 100% loving it! It's the perfect solution for toddlers to get them used to moving from a Gro bag to a grown up duvet and pillow. I will definitely keep on using this and when the time comes for James little brother to move into big boy bed, I will invest in a set for him! 
Disclaimer: I was provided with the Gro to bed free of charge and All editorial and opinions are my own.

Pregnancy Update 28 Weeks

Argh only 12 weeks till due date! Yes panic has set in as we have a list as long as my arm of stuff we still need to get for little man, his bedroom & not to mention the rest of the house!

I'm feeling really really big! I haven't been able to see my feet since about 18 weeks hence why last night I ended up misjudging the freezer, stubbing my toe, then shutting freezer door on my foot. I'm now sporting a nice purple bruise on my left big toe! 

Think it's time to start slowing down a bit & remembering that I'm pregnant & only have a few weeks left to go! Im still baking crazy & made a four layer piƱata cake covered in sweets for James birthday! Now all I need to do is decide on Andy's cake for his birthday in a couples of weeks! 

The biggest thing to happen since 25 weeks is James has turned three & finally started potty training! He starts his nursery induction on 16th September so that will keep me busy a few weeks! Especially as the first full week without parents being in is 5th October

James seems to be getting excited about his little brother & Christmas lol! We have to keep reminding him that before Father Christmas comes, his little brother will come first! 

Baby boy's movement has got even stronger this last week! The kicks are starting to hurt a little bit, especially when they are around my hips or ribs! He spent the whole of my friends wedding service booting me in the ribs so I spent the rest of the day in agony! I seem to get a lot of kicks and wriggles on a night still when I'm settling James in his bed. Baby boy seems to react to his big brothers voice quite a lot!

Braxton hicks have also started up this week. Exactly the same time as when I was having James. Forgot how uncomfortable they were! 

The nursery is looking pretty good. The cot is together, we just need to get a mattress and some new sheets. We have the chair that was in James room as a baby in ready for when little man moves into his own room. I'm hoping he will be in with us a bit longer than James was. James was in his own room by eight weeks as he had out grown the carry cot we had. 

Next update will be 32 weeks! 

Wednesday 26 August 2015

James you are Three!

1634pm on August 26th 2012 is ingrained on my mind as the time and date you were born, Where did the time go little legs? 

I feel like I have blinked and you have gone from a tiny helpless baby who would sleep on me, to this feisty, independent, inquisitive little boy.

This last year you have grown up so much. Your speech amazes me. We can sit and have a lovely little conversation. You are still crazy about diggers, trains, cars, ok any type of transport. 

You have moved house again this year, but this time it's our house! The house mummy and daddy chose to buy for our family! You love your new bedroom and especially love our garden! 

You adore spending time with your nana and gaga, although you can wrap them round your little finger, especially your gaga when it comes to Pringles! You can spot them a mile away in the supermarket.

You have learned how to use an iPad and android tablet. You really are an expert in YouTube! Your favourite shows are Tayo the little bus, Robocar & Heroes of the City! But you also love old shows like Fireman Sam and of course good old Peppa Pig and Ben and Holly's little Kingdom.

You start nursery in a few weeks and boy are you ready for it! You have been desperate to go since we had your taster visit back in July! We walk past the school on our way to the shops and you get so excited telling me that's your new nursery! 

By Christmas you will be a big brother! I cannot wait to watch your relationship with your little brother grow and develop. He's going to be a lucky boy having you as his brilliant big brother.

I hope you enjoy your special day my gorgeous boy

Lots of love Jamesy bugs

Mummy xxx

Tuesday 11 August 2015

25 week Pregnancy Update

I'm feeling so large at the moment! 

Over the last two weeks I have had bad pulled muscles in the bump which were so painful I had to ring community midwives. Turned out to be from picking up James too much. So I have had to seriously cut back on picking him up which has been so hard. Means no bath time for James when daddy is on late shift. 

I have been sleeping so much better since I got my giant U shaped pillow. It's supporting both the bump and my back. Can't believe it's only 15 weeks till due date, but I'm convinced little Mr H is going to be at least a week late.

Been getting a lot of kicks and squirms from baby boy! He's definitely getting more active! He seems to be at his most active on an evening when I'm settling James down in bed, think I'm going to have another Thomas fan on my hands as he kicks away while I'm reading Thomas stories to James.

Speaking of James, he has turned into a threenager over this last week! We have had serious rebelling against mummy and daddy. He's been climbing on daddy's desk and into the back window and standing on the window ledge. Then he discovered he could do the same in the front window which resulted on Saturday night with the curtain rail half down then on Sunday afternoon he pulled the whole thing down! Daddy put it back up, but no sooner had daddy left for work on Monday he pulled it completely down again! 

Over all I'm feeling pretty good. Next update will be at 28 weeks eek! 

Friday 7 August 2015

Back pain & pregnancy with Deep Freeze

As a busy mum of an almost three year old with number two on the way,the exercise I tend to do the most is walking. Wether it's walking to local shops or to the children's centre it's something I enjoy especially with James. When I was younger I did use a gym and swim but a knee injury in my early twenties slowed me down and walking became something to do to strengthen my leg back up.

As we are trying to get James used to not taking out his pushchair as much in preparation for his little brother arriving, a nice walk as a family is brilliant. Before we moved into our house we were staying with my parents, who live on the Northumberland Coast. There was nothing better than slipping a pair of reins onto James and taking him down to the harbour to see the boats and ducks or up to the park at the top of their road to burn off some of his excess energy before bed time.

After a day out in Newcastle with only one brief sit down to eat a sandwich, oh dear my poor back was in agony. I spent most of the evening and most of the next day resting on the sofa. I even had to resort to lying on our bed after a deep soak in the bath. Lucky it was a Sunday and Andy was at home to take over the majority of care for James, who at almost three turns everything into a battle, especially getting dressed, having his bum changed and of course the dreaded bedtime.

I was sent a pack with Deep Freeze patches to see if they would help the pain I was suffering. I knew I had a busy day coming up with James starting with a trip to the children's centre and then into town to pick up a few baby bits & spend some time with my parents. I decided to see if the patches would help with any pain I was in after. 

When we got in I had twinges in my back but had a few tasks to do before I could sit down, by the time I had put washing on, unpacked baby shopping and unpacked my new pregnancy pillow my back was in agony. I popped on a deep freeze patch and the relief it gave me was a joy! I seriously could have kissed the patch! I was able to sit down and chill out without having to wriggle on sofa trying to get comfy. I was also able to cook dinner without needing to get a chair out.

I have used the deep heat cream and patches in the past but never the deep freeze till now! These are something I'm definitely going to keep in the house for the rest of my pregnancy and after! I absolutely love the re sealable package the patches come in. It means I can pop them in my bag without worrying the box is going to get damaged.

I'm working with BritMums and Deep Freeze Pain Relief Cold Patch, writing about pregnancy and muscular back pain. I was provided Deep Freeze Pain Relief Cold Patch and have been compensated for my time. All editorial and opinions are my own. Visit for more information.