Wednesday 24 June 2015

Family Update

So it's been a while since I did a in depth post into what we have been up to!

March found us celebrating our fourth wedding anniversary & then finding out baby two was on the way! We were also packing up our old house and arranging storage for all our furniture.

April we moved out of our rented house when I was eight weeks pregnant. I was showing quite alot already so trying to hide the bump while moving. We moved into my parents house while we were waiting to complete on our house. We also had my 30th birthday which was literally days after moving out of the house.

May was a big month but also a sad one as we had the first anniversary of losing my nannie. We had our 12 week scan and announced baby two was on the way to all our friends as family already knew. And the best part of May was collecting the keys to our house on the 27th!!

So that brings us up to June. I'm now 18 weeks pregnant & counting down to finding out the gender of baby two. We both think it's going to be another boy, but are seriously struggling to think of a boys name we like! James got registered for nursery school in September. Can't believe my tiny boy is growing up and almost three! We moved the big furniture the house on 1st of June & slept here for the first time on 3rd of June. The best part of June though had to be the arrival of our best friends Michelle & Richard's gorgeous little boy Jayden. So proud of them having this gorgeous little man and we know they will be brilliant parents as we have seen them with James who literally adores them. 

So what does July hold for us, well first it's the 20 week scan! So Excited to find out if it's a boy or a girl! Although we do think it's a boy! 

Thursday 11 June 2015

Baby two weeks 12-16

12 Week Scan was brilliant. Saw every little detail even saw the babies brain which looked like a butterfly. 

20 week scan is booked for 7th July. Really looking forward to it and finding out if James is getting a brother or sister. He keeps changing his mind as to which he wants.

People have asked if we have a preference of girl over boy, but I say girl would be nice but boy would be easier as we already know what we are doing with a boy.

Nausea is finally disappearing but not the tiredness. I guess most of that comes from having a toddler running around and the fact it's been raining so been confined to indoors at his nana's house without the majority of his stuff.

Should be into our house in two weeks time so we can start trying to get James back into a good bedtime routine. I'm really missing the time I used to have once he was in bed to just chill out and sort stuff out.

James isn't sleeping too great, so neither am I. The whole being in one room is driving me mad.

14 weeks and we have our house keys woo hoo! Weekend had been spent painting what will be the nursery. All being well we will be sleeping there in a few days time! 

15 weeks saw the midwife to get all blood results before going to register at new gps. Heard baby's heartbeat which was 154bpm. Should be in our new home for first night soon. 

In our new home and love it! James has settled down at bedtime really well. So proud of him. 

Been getting odd cravings ie ham and salad sandwiches and cucumber lots of cucumber!!!

16 weeks two days bump!