Saturday 31 December 2016

Big quiz of 2016

So I've been tagged by the lovely Alex from Lamb & Bear to answer some questions about 2016 so here goes!

What was your highlight of 2016?

My biggest highlight has been James starting primary school. He's the youngest in his class by about six weeks. 

Name one thing you are likely to remember about 2016 if asked in 5 years time.

Extreme tiredness! Freddie used to be a brilliant sleeper till he got a stomach bug at just over nine months old and since then he's been petrified of his cot and bedroom. 

Sum up 2016 in one word.

Exhausting! When James was at nursery we would drop him off at nine then had to be back at the gate for 1145 for a 12pm pick up. So we literally only had a couple of hours. Now he's at school it's a bit more settled as we drop off at 0855 and pick up at 1515!

Name one pearl of wisdom that you will carry through 2017.

They are only small once so enjoy it!

Do you have any New Year resolutions?

Defined to try and be more organised! I'm terrible for leaving things to the last minute! 

How are you seeing in the new year?

I'm on the sofa in my pjs, have a can of fruit cider and a film on with Andy, while my none sleeping 13 month old Freddie sings as we rock his pushchair 

What would you most like to do in 2017?

Would love to take my blog self hosted and hopefully a holiday with Andy and the boys!

What are your main goals for 2017?

To try and build the blog more, go self hosted and hopefully attend some blogging conferences!

I tag anyone who wants to give this a go!

Goodbye 2016

 So it's the last day of 2016 and what a year it's been!

We started the year with James at nursery and Freddie a tiny newborn and we've watched James turn four and then a couple of weeks later start reception at school! We've watched Freddie grow, turn one and turn into the most loving little boy.

James has really matured since he started school. He loves learning his phonics and trying to read his school books and key words!

The boys are developing the most lovely relationship. Freddie absolutely adores James and everything James does seems to make Freddie laugh hysterically! This time last year I was worried that the boys would never have any relationship as James seemed to hate Freddie and stay away from him!

We had great plans to start doing up our house and we have kind of started. We bough roller blinds for the bedroom windows, had the boiler replaced and started boarding out the loft! 

2017 is the year we finally start putting our stamp on the place decorating and making it a proper family home for us and our boys!

Sunday 25 December 2016

Freddie at 13 Months

Well Freddie you are now thirteen months old! How did that happen! It's also your second Christmas Day so Happy Christmas gorgeous boy!

So since you turned one we have had to finish our baby social group at sure start. We had a lovely last session with your little pals who sang happy birthday to you or well their mummies did! We still have our fun, play and learn on a Thursday morning so we get to see lots of your pals there!

You are still in 5+ nappies and now well into 12-18 clothes! You are such a speedy crawler and a demon climber! We cannot take our eyes of you for a second! You have seven teeth and are a bit of a biter! You love nothing more than climbing onto mummy and biting my shoulder! You also love FaceTime! You have been known to hit the iPad screen and end up calling people! Normally it's your nana and gaga!

You can say mama, dada, mum mum, brubre, gaga. Nana is still a bit upset you won't say nana but you have said it once!

You are still very much a mummy's boy and you go mental if I leave the room. You love being chased then picked up going gotcha! You are very ticklish and have the adorable giggle! You love it when James tickles you! 

Your favourite foods are pasta, melon and apple! You just love your food!

Love you so much 

Tuesday 20 December 2016

Santa's Odd List!

So it's the time of year when parents everywhere are taking their children to see Santa. 

This got me thinking about Christmases past and visits we have made to see Santa and the odd things my darling oldest son has asked for! Christmas 2014 when James was just over two, we took him to see Santa in a local shopping centre and he asked for milk and yoghurt! Then last year 2015 when he was just over three and Freddie was newborn, James asked for a white fire engine!

I decided to ask some of my fellow bloggers if their children had ever asked for anything odd or if I was the only one to have a crazy child! 

Amy from said Scarlett asked for chocolate because I wouldn't let her have any. So she said she'll put it on her kissmass list!

Jade from said Ted's list has some odd things on. Marshmallows are one and 'so many books' is another. Today he asked for Sausage and Mash from Santa!

Kate from said M has just written her letter to Santa and all it has on it is a slap band. So her stocking can contain just one of those right? I can provide a pic?

Amy from said My eldest wants a real bell from Santa's sleigh so he knows that Santa is real. (He likes the book Polar Express!) 

Kate from said Max (3) has asked for spaghetti, a yellow pencil and a real Stegosaurus. 

Lucy from Http:// said Last year Little Miss H asked for a block of cheese. We asked her if she wanted any special cheese. And she said no, just cheese. "I like cheese". We bought her a scooter instead. Bad mummy!!! 

Sarah from said hmm possibly odd for a 3 year old...a chocolate fountain... what??  She knows she is not getting it as Mummy told Santa!

So it's not just me that's child asks for odd things! So relieved this year he actually asked for a game!