Tuesday 27 October 2015

Pregnancy update 36 weeks

So 36 weeks, one more week till I'm classed as full term! I really can't believe how fast this time has gone! It really does not seem five minutes since we found out baby boy was on the way, then announcing he was due in May & now it's about to be November the month he is due, not that I am actually expecting him to arrive in November! I'm still convinced he is going to be a December baby!

At my 34 week midwife appointment baby boy was measuring 32 weeks, but that was due to his position. He was head down, but had his body all on my right hand side, with his bum under my right ribs, I have a feeling he has moved since then though. Will find out on Thursday at my 36 week appointment. 

He's a proper little fidget and likes nothing more than poking out a foot when I'm trying to go to sleep. I'm still suffering with insomnia, normally starts between one or two am and goes on till three or four am! We had a pretty bad night with James last week, when he wanted to get up for school at half one, so once he was dropped off mummy came home and had a couple of hours sleep before picking him up! To be honest I have at least an hours sleep after dropping him off most mornings.

We have a few events coming up at nursery for James in next few weeks, starting with the nursery rhyme challenge on 4th November when I will be 37+1 weeks. We also have the school Christmas fayre on 27th November, just a few days after baby boy is due! We are going to have to have gaga on standby for that week so James does not miss out on the fayre & nana can stay look after mummy. 

I'm starting to struggle with walking so as far as I go on my own is James nursery school which is about a five minute walk from our house. If I need to go any further I have to either get my parents to come down and take me places or wait till either Andy is off on a Friday or Saturday. 

We have done most of our Christmas shopping now for family and friends. The trip into town totally exhausted me! We got home and I passed out on the sofa for a couple of hours while James had some daddy time. Nana and gaga had picked him up from school so we didn't have to rush home from town. I think rest of shopping will be done online or after baby arrives! Especially for each other and the last bits for the boys! 

I'm really hoping I don't go too far over as I don't fancy being induced! But I'm convinced he's going to be at least a week late like James was!

Monday 26 October 2015

What's in my hospital bag?

So I'm now 36 weeks pregnant, so I thought it was time to pack mine & baby h's bags for the hospital.

At the very top of my bag are my notes! These will go in at the last minute as obviously I will need them for appointments before I go in to have baby h! 

My bag is a cheap holdall from primark. In that I have packed the following: Old tshirt for giving birth in, Pjs for after birth as it will be winter, Sleep bra & Normal bra these are from primark, Socks To keep my feet warm, Big pants again from primark, Maternity pads, Home outfit which is joggers tshirt & hoody, Phone & charger, Straws & my Wash bag. I also have a blanket for baby and his first outfit. 

In the wash bag I have toothbrush, toothpaste, brush, lip balm, hair bobbles, deodorant and shampoo.

For baby h I am using our Babymoov style changing bag. In his bag I have packed: Nappies, Wipes, Nappy bags, Small sudocreme, Vests x3, Sleep suits x3, Hats x2, Blanket which was actually one of James when he was newborn, Teddy, Going home outfit, Dummies x2, Bibs x3, Muslins x3. We have chosen to bottle feed straight from the word go like we did with James. So the baby milk is in my baby along with two bottles in our bottle bag. 

I'm hoping I haven't forgotten anything important, but since the hospital is like ten minutes walk from the main shopping area in Newcastle I'm sure my mum & dad can go pick things up if we need them! 

I really should have taken photographs but James was pestering me and running off with the camera as normal!

Saturday 24 October 2015

Nursery - First half term over!

So it's half term holidays! James has finished his first few weeks at nursery. Ok the schools here didn't go back till 7th September, so James didn't get his home visit till 14th September, then his induction morning was on 16th September. He then didn't have his first two hour session till the following Thursday.

How has he done? Well after a very shaky start of him being very upset at drop off and not doing too well on his first couple of days at three hours. This last week he has done his full 15 hours and he has absolutely loved it! 

We are still having trouble with him not using the toilet at school, but other than that he has really settled down and has started making some friends. He loves doing painting and drawing, he also loves the sandpit! For a child who hated sand this time last year it's amazing how much he loves the sandpit.

CB bear is still going in with him, but hopefully we will be leaving CB at home soon to look after mummy! 

He gets very grumpy on a weekend when he is not in nursery, so I'm really hoping we don't have too many problems this week with there being no nursery!

Once he goes back after half term there is only three weeks till baby brother is due to arrive!

Tuesday 13 October 2015

Pregnancy update 34 weeks

So I'm now 34 weeks pregnant with baby boy two! Cannot believe he is due in six weeks! The time seems to have flown by so quick! But we have been so busy I'm not surprised. What with moving out of rented house, into mum & dads for nine weeks, then into our house it's been a crazy time.

I'm getting lots of movement from baby boy, normally when I'm eating or trying to relax! James voice seems to send him crackers. He is also such a fidget like James was. He seems to like poking out limbs when I'm trying to go to sleep at night.

I'm still suffering really bad insomnia at nights. A few times I have been awake for the day at 3/4am. Lucky James has had a few naps after nursery so I have been able to get some sleep in too. Once baby boy is here I'm guessing the tiredness will be worth it as will be up with him rather than lying wide awake in bed on Facebook.

Nursery is an on going situation with James. He's done a couple of days at full three hours but he seems to have a phobia of using the toilet at school so has been picked up in tears a couple of times as he's been that desperate but scared to go, that being the reason he can't stay I. For full three hours as teachers do not want him holding his wee in that long. Hoping this week we can try and take him into toilet before he goes into the classroom see if that helps him. Other than that he absolutely loves it and gets very grumpy when it's the weekend and he can't go! 

This last week we have been practicing fitting the car seat into my parents car with the seatbelt as the base we used in their old car can't be used in the car they have now. 

All we need to buy now is the baby milk for the hospital bag and they are all sorted! Still a few practical bits to get for example a changing mat and bedding for Moses basket! I'm hoping we haven't forgotten anything important! But then again hospital is a short walk from Newcastle city centre and all the main shops!