Monday 28 June 2021

Victoria Mae Designs Gift Set

I love tea! Yep I love a good cup of Tea and normally have at least three before I take the kids to school on a morning. So when Victoria Mae Designs were looking for brand ambassadors I applied! 

This is the first review out of three for the gift sets I was sent in my first Brand Ambassador box! The second and third will be coming over the next few weeks!

The first set I am going to review is the Teacher tea set. This set is the eight tea bag set and is priced at £7.70, with no gift wrap. However you can add either a paper gift bag or a little box making the price £8.10 and £8.50. 

I love the way this comes presented in the tissue paper, so it wouldn't really need anything added to it when gifting it to your child's teacher.

As it is getting near to the end of the summer term, this would be an ideal gift for your child's teacher or teachers! I know that most mornings I see the teachers on our school doors holding a cuppa while welcoming the children in for the day. 

I love all the teacher quotes on the little tea packets! I know that my own sons teachers would love something like this! 

These are some of my favourites of the bags we received. I know that both my sons will love picking out some of these to gift to their teachers!

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**I am part of the Brand Ambassador Team, so was sent this set free of charge to review. Links are affiliated**