Friday 26 August 2016

James at Four!

James, how can you be four years old! I feel like I have blinked and you have gone from this tiny baby to this big handsome boy who is about to start full time school!

You have experienced so much since you turned three with starting nursery and of course becoming a super duper big brother to Freddie. 

You are stubborn and very opinionated. You definitely know your own mind about what you want and when you want it. You are still very much a daddy's boy, but you do love a mummy cuddle but only on your terms! 

You are wearing a mixture of 3-4 & 4-5 clothes. You hate wearing shorts which is going to make pe at school interesting!

You love watching the most random videos on you tube. Normally of people unboxing toys or opening kinder eggs.

You still love watching Thomas and Friends, but have got into Paw Patrol, Team Umizoomi, Bubble guppies & Dino Trux. Daddy invested in Netflix which means you can sit and watch your shows to wind down.

You have absolutely loved this last year in nursery, so I'm hoping you are going to love your time in reception class. It is so strange to think this time last year we were getting you ready for nursery and now we are getting you ready to start school full time!

It's going to be really odd for mummy and Freddie not having to pick you up at lunch time. I really hope you are going to be OK staying at school and having your lunch with your little friends. 

You had your birthday party last Sunday and you had a brilliant time. We had hired the soft play room at the local sports centre for you and your friends. You were worn out after and slept for eleven hours that night!

Love you so much my little man

Thursday 25 August 2016

Freddie at Nine Months

Nine months Freddie! How can you have been here nine months! I swear you were only born yesterday! 

You are wearing a mix of 6-9 and 9-12 clothes and in size 4+ nappies. You have been a dream to wean and everything you eat is homemade. You have three meals a day and normally three or four bottles depending on your mood. You love bananas and melon but your favourite fruit has to be oranges! You love mummy's pasta bake, and you definitely love a roast dinner! You love crackers and tried melba toast at nana's house. You love yoghurts and have them after lunch and tea.

You've been to another birthday party for mummy's friends little girl and you loved the soft play and even more so the families pet cat! You have also been to your big brothers fourth birthday party! 

You have been a little poorly this months with a nasty cold, but the biggest news is you have your first two teeth! They look so cute and mummy cannot wait for you to start giving toothy smiles!You have been having trouble sleeping due to your cold so mummy has saw a lot of the Olympics! 

You adore your big brother and you laugh at everything he does! You hate being dressed just like your big brother at the same age. James has got into his superheroes lately so you are often referred to as batboy by you big brother!

We are gearing up for your first trip down to Surrey to meet daddy's family, I hope you do good as we are traveling by coach and train! James was a lot younger when he first went down so he slept most of the traveling! 

Only 12 weeks now till you turn a year old! I can't believe how quick it's coming around! 

Love you always my little bear

Wednesday 24 August 2016

Hoppy Bunny from Babybundle

Freddie is now eight months old and starting to take a real interest in his toys, but he didn't have a special toy like James, who has his CB. So when Baby Bundle sent us the fantastic Hoppy Bunny from Safe Dreams we were thrilled. 

We were instantly impressed with Hoppy as he's  made from specially designed 3D Airmesh which has an outer surface of 100% cotton, he's stuffed with Hollowfibre, a hypoallergenic filling which has air pumped into each fibre during the spinning process, he's suitable from birth, machine washable and safe for tumble drying. He is also allergy tested, so ideal for babies who are at risk of allergies. 

Being tumble dryer safe is a big plus for mummy as it means if hoppy needs a wash he can be dried for bed time! There have been times when CB has had to have a wash due to James being sick on him and I have been seen drying him with a hair dryer to get him dry.

Freddie has really taken to Hoppy and he has started to go out and about with us attached to the pram so he's not lost. 

The fact Hoppy is made from Airmesh, means he is safe to be cuddled close to the face of asleep. Freddie is one of those babies who likes to go to sleep with something close to his face and I used to panic a bit when he would pull a muslin into his face, but now he pulls Hoppy and I can relax knowing he is safe and breathable.

Overall we are thrilled with Hoppy bunny and can see him being a long term attachment to Freddie!

**Disclaimer: We were sent Hoppy bunny free of charge in exchange for this review. All words and images are my own.**

Sunday 7 August 2016

Meeting Piccolo


When the invite popped into my email inbox to go and meet Alice and Emily from Piccolo at my local Mothercare I was thrilled! Freddie is now eight months old and he's loving weaning! But I still had a lot of questions about different aspects! 


At a weaning class I went to at our local children's centre they said babies can have full fat milk in cooking and on cereal from six months old, however when we have tried this with Freddie he has vomited the food straight back up with in a few minutes. I myself cannot tolerate full fat milk, so after talking to Alice we worked out that it could be due to me not being able to tolerate the milk that Freddie can't tolerate it. Also at the event was the lovely Jess and the gorgeous Woody from Nora&Co.

We got a selection of the food pouches given to us to try at the event and I was excited to try them with Freddie! The flavours were: Red Pepper Squash and Chickpea, Spring Greens, Cherry and Yoghurt, Apple and Peach, Apple and Apricot and finally Banana Blueberry and Apple.


The first one we tried was the Red pepper, squash and chickpea. Freddie loves pasta so I decided to mix some of it into some pasta to see what he thought and he loved it! I even tasted some of it myself and it was so yummy! It would make a great sauce on pasta for James as well! 

The second one we tried was the Cherry and yoghurt. I decided to give Freddie this for his breakfast as I like to give him a variety of breakfasts and not the same things everyday. He absolutely loved it! Yoghurts are one of Freddie's favourite foods so I had a feeling he would enjoy it! Mummy again gave it a taste and it was so nice! I would probably stir some into porridge for a breakfast for me!

We tried the Banana, Blueberry & Apple mixed into some porridge and again it went down so well that when we tried to give him plain porridge he turned his nose up at it.

Freddie is absolutely loving trying all the different flavours especially when we add them to his favourite foods like rice and pasta or his porridge on a morning. 

We had a fantastic time at the event and are looking forward to experimenting with the different flavours we still have left to try!


Disclaimer: We were invited to this event & gifted the Piccolo products. All words are my own

Monday 1 August 2016

Freddie Rockin' Baby

Freddie is getting to the age where he is wanting to be into everything and trying to learn to crawl, so I'm wanting him to wear clothes that are able to withstand all the mischief he is starting to create so When Rockin' Baby got in touch and asked if we would like to try their clothes with Freddie we were thrilled! 

Rockin' Baby were a brand I had heard whispers about online, but I had never actually sat down and had a good look at the website! We were sent a t-shirt & crawling leggings from the 'Out of Africa' collection in size 6-9 months for Freddie to test out! 

The S/S16 collection is in partnership with ChildFund International and with every piece sold an item from their Hero collection will be gifted to a child in need from 30 counties. This provides vital clothing for children.

Freddie wore his crawling leggings with a dark blue vest for the last day of nursery for his big brother and he got lots of compliments from the other mums on how gorgeous they were! 
He wore the t-shirt with some grey shorts to our friends daughters birthday party. And again got lot lots of compliments on how cute it was! The fabrics are so soft against Freddie's skin and well I absolutely adore the 'Out of Africa' tropical print! 

Freddie is eight months old and we got size 6-9 months in both t-shirt and crawling leggings and there is still plenty of room in them so I can see them lasting until at least ten months if not a little bit longer. The leggings have have a double cuff on the ankles so as Freddie grows it can be unrolled to last him that little bit longer!

I will definitely be looking at purchasing some more items for Freddie and also his older brother, especially as older brother has a soft play party coming up for his fourth birthday!