Tuesday 13 May 2014

Self employed mummy

Is being a self employed mummy easy? Nope not one bit. At times I think its probably harder than being a working mummy away from your child on a daily basis.

Im a web designer and also a candle maker. Trying to put a website together when you have a toddler causing mayhem around you or trying to melt wax and add colour and fragrance when you have the toddler demanding your attention is so hard.

Today I was in Berwick upon tweed for a business show to try and make contacts. My son obviously had to come with me and my parents as I work along side them. Lucky the show was at a leisure centre so it wasn't too big but some of expos we go to are massive and it gets so overwhelming for him.

So tomorrow its back to making the candles lets hope the toot toot train set can keep James occupied long enough for me to get some made!

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