Friday 30 May 2014

Worst week of our lives

Haven't felt like blogging till now as we'll our tough week is nowhere near over.

A week ago Friday my lovely nannie had a fall at home and was taken to hospital. Monday my parents got a call that she had taken a turn for worse and by Monday night she had died.

I literally feel like my whole world has fallen apart, I'm just completely numb. I wasn't ready for this to happen. I'm glad I have my wonderful Andy and of course my cheeky monkey James to keep me smiling. But every time James asks for nannie I burst into tears. How to you explain to a 21 month old toddler that he's never going to see the nannie he adored ever again. 

I can take comfort knowing she is back with my grandad. Or as James put it when listing to come on you reds nannie is playing football with Georgie Best.

I saw my nannie virtually everyday as I worked from her house. She used to take me to and from nursery and school when I was a child. She saw James almost everyday of his life. 

The day she died James turned 21 months old.

I don't think it's going to sink in for a while and I know the funeral is going to be hard. I'm in car two along with my two cousins and of course Andy and James. 

All I can really say is RIP Nannie love you always and forever xxx

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