Friday 25 July 2014

So decorating on hold.

Well today was the day we were meant to paper the chimney wall but it's on hold.

When we were stripping the old wallpaper off we found a hole in the wall at about foot height that looks like the troublesome previous tenant had put his foot through the wall then duct taped over the hole, painted it then wall papered over it. 

Lucky our landlord is going to get it fixed so hopefully in next couple of weeks we can finally get the wall papered and rug and new sofa bought.

It's driving me crazy it's all on hold due to someone wanting to cause damage to the property. 

All I want is my house put together and as for poor James well he's had no children's TV for well over a week and every morning there's been nearly tears at no Thomas, no noddy and no peppa.

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