Thursday 3 July 2014

Back to toddlers

So after two weeks of not going due to dentist and broken buggy we have made it back to our toddler group today.

James was very happy to be back and was climbing out of his buggy before I even managed to get him unstrapped!

There was some new building blocks to play with and also some sticklebricks, which I used to play with when I was James age.

He loved playing with his favourite toy of the toy kitchen. He was also in the little tikes cars again. We are still debating if we should get him one for his birthday next month.

James is such a sociable little boy and seeing as he's still in his helpful phase he was trying to help clean up after snack time. 

Can't believe my tiny baby will be two next month though. He's such a little character and come on so much since he started the toddler group.

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