Monday 21 July 2014

The lounge part two

So today we finally got cracking on the major prep work.
That meant sanding down all the wood work filling in all the holes and finally washing down all the wood work with sugar soap.

That took us best part of the afternoon thanks to an interfering toddler as we didn't have anyone to look after him.

Oh and excuse the semi naked toddler, we thought leaving him in just his nappy was the best idea as we were worried incase he mucked up his clothes. 

The jobs on the list for tomorrow are hopefully getting up early and getting a start on painting all the wood work, then while that is drying take James into town to buy the paint for the walls and the ceeling, so once he's in bed tomorrow night we can get the ceeling painted so we can get up on Wednesday morning and get the walls painted.

All being well the lounge will be all painted and papered by Saturday so we can finally order a new sofa and then we can make a start on the next room which is James. And I think that is going to be a lot of work too!

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