Friday 11 July 2014

House renovations.

We moved into our house almost three months ago and we are finally making a start on decorating and making this a home for us and James.

The rooms that need the most work are: the lounger/diner, our room and James room. The lounge being the biggest and also needing the most work is our starting point.

Andy is off work from next Thursday for a week so it's going to be all systems go.

We have already made a start by removing some of that ghastly wall paper and that is today's job. My dad is bringing his steamer down and we are stripping that all off so we can see what the walls are like underneath. Fingers crossed we don't need to put lining paper up as I think James would destroy it!

Keep a look out for my reveal post once it's all done and we have our new sofa!

1 comment:

  1. I'll be keeping an eye out on your posts as we'll be doing the same when we finally move into our place! EEeeeeek!