Sunday 18 January 2015

Mozzarella and Bacon Pastries (homemade version of Greggs)

So how yummy are those cheese and bacon pastries you can buy at Greggs?? Pretty good I would say but at a cost of at least £1.30 for one they are pretty expensive.

Having seen a few people on facebook make their own at home, I though I would give it a go myself and see if I could do them.

My ready rolled puff pastry sheet was cut into six squares! So I grilled six slices of bacon and chopped up my ball of motzarella.

I then put a slice of bacon diagonally across each square then put two chunks of mozzarella on, then folded the opposite corners in towards each other and sealed with egg wash.

Twenty minutes in oven till golden brown.


  1. These look so yummy, we have made these too! So much cheaper than buying them from greggs.
    Steph |

    1. They were gorgeous brilliant just to bung in microwave for breakfast