Saturday 10 January 2015

#snaphappybritmums January 11-20

Day eleven prompt was "muddy" all I had for muddy was the mud on steps on our wedding day.

Day twelve prompt was "Go" so here is James going for a walk with his aunt & uncles dog Olly.

Day thirteen prompt was "landscape" so here is the forth road bridge taken from the train on a lovely sunny day.

Day fourteen the prompt was "out and about" so this was Amble RNLI harbour day 2014.

Day fifteen prompt was "walking" so here is James doing the banardos big toddle last summer.

Day sixteen prompt was "family fun" here is James and his daddy on the Japanese bullet train.

Day seventeen prompt was "#Hibernot" this was when the Olympic torch went past bottom of where we used to live. It was freezing cold and I was seven months pregnant with James.

Day eighteen and "Spash" the gorgeous waterfall at Blue Reef Aquarium in Tynemouth. 

Day nineteen prompt was "Wow" and that was what I said when u saw my wedding cake for first time!

Day twenty prompt was "#Thisisme" so this is me with James when he was first born.

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