Saturday 31 January 2015

Weekly Meal Plan

So February is the start of a new month, so new month means start of meal planning.
We bought a slow cooker a few weeks ago and I intend to use it especially on days that James and me have been at my mums when I'm working, as getting in at five and then having to start cooking especially with a grumpy,hungry,tired toddler round my feet is a pain.

So these are the meals I have planned for this week with Monday and Wednesday being slow cooker meals.

Sunday - roast chicken breast mash veg
Monday - cheesy meatballs tomato sauce & spaghetti 
Tuesday - diced chicken rice veg
Wednesday - sausage casserole 
Thursday - roast pork loins roast potatoes veg
Friday - pasta bake
Saturday - pizza

Fingers crossed I can stick to it

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