Monday 12 February 2018

Living Arrows 2018 7/53

Welcome to week 7 of Living Arrows 2018! 
This weeks photos of James and Freddie were taken by Nana and Gaga when they were looking after the boys last week! Mummy and Daddy had had to go away for a few days for a family funeral so the boys went to stay with Nana and Gaga. The poor boys both ended up ill with viral infections so missed school and playgroup. Freddie even managed to carpet burn his nose while getting distracted looking at photos on Nana and Gaga's wall!



This week its half term so we are visiting Daddy's family for a few days and so far we are having a brilliant time! The boys have met Nanny and Pappy's cats Zippy and Cecil who they both adore!!

Living Arrows

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