Thursday 1 February 2018

My Favourite Christmas Presents

So I have been toying with writing this for a while and I've finally found the time to sit down and write it!

So what were my favourite presents?

Number One: My Be necklace
This was in my gift bag of presents from Andy and the Boys. The small disk says Be and the larger disc says things like Kind, Strong, Happy etc. I absolutely love this and wear it most days!

Number Two: Earrings
I had been saying for months that I needed new earrings as Freddie had pulled some of mine out and had lost the backs. So for months I haven't worn a pair. I love these pearl earrings that Andy and the boys got me! I don't normally wear drop earrings but these are simply gorgeous and I have already worn them on a number of occasions including Christmas Day

Number Three: My Coat
My parents gave me money for christmas and I said I was going to put it towards a new coat! I got this one at Matalan in the Sales for £25 reduced from £45! This coat is so warm and so thick, so it keeps me nice and cosy on the school run.

Number Four: Our Calendar 
My best friend and her husband got us this for Christmas and I love it! I normally forget to buy a calendar till the middle of January! This one we can add photographs to so I'm going to add photos of the kids to it when I get a chance! It also comes with a pen which is brilliant as I can never find a pen when I want to put things onto the calendar! I already have it filled in with lots of important dates for our family for 2018!!

and Number Five: My Heart Necklace
This was another present from Andy and the boys. I have worn this a couple of times since I got it and its so beautiful! 

These are my favourite presents for Christmas!! The coat has got to be the best investment I made as I have not been cold on the school run!! And by wearing my Be Necklace it reminds me everyday to be strong, be thankful, be happy etc!


  1. That coat looks so warm and what a bargain! Lovely selection of presents :)

    1. The coat is amazing! Some days I don't even need my scarf it keeps me that warm! And the pockets are currently lined too!

  2. What a lovely collection of Christmas presents :) You got some fab pieces! xx

  3. Oh those necklaces look stunning! Xx

  4. What a lovely selection of pressies! Your coat looks lovely and warm. And a bargain too!

  5. Love the idea of the 'Be' necklace, so sweet!