Saturday 3 February 2018

Things To Do In London With Kids!

So half term is approaching and we are off to visit the in laws in Surrey. Since we have to go via London to their house and we have 4 days to fill while we are down we promised James a day out in London.

James has been obsessed with visiting London ever since they started learning about the Great Fire of London as part of their project at school last term.

Now this is where I got stuck! We have visited London many times as a couple pre kids but we have never actually gone with the kids!

We have a few places on our list to visit like Big Ben, Buckingham Palace and of course Pudding Lane where the great fire started but that is it! So I turned to some of my fellow parent bloggers to get some tips and here's what I got! 

Nikki from suggested a visit to Ripley's Believe it or Not. This is somewhere I have always wanted to visit but have never had the time! At the moment the boys are a bit young to visit, but it is definitely somewhere we can go in the future!

Katie from suggested a visit to the Royal Parks if its a dry day! We are definitely going to be in the parks letting the boys have a run and burn off some energy!

Lynsey from says that the Science Museum is great and has lots of hands on exhibits! This is somewhere we would love to take the kids, but we know how busy it gets and since we will be traveling in from Surrey we probably won't have the time to queue up!

Samantha from says how fun the childrens audio tour of the houses of parliament is! I think James would love something like that, Hopefully we can do it in the future when Freddie is a bit older!

Amy from suggested going to the National History Museum! Again this is somewhere we would love to visit but it is always really busy and you normally have to queue to get it! I don't think Freddie would be patient enough to wait!

I have plenty more tips from other parent bloggers that I couldn't fit in this post! There are so many things to do that I didn't have a clue existed! 

Check back in a few weeks to see exactly what we did on our day out in London!

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