Saturday 4 October 2014

Sally Henson Quick Colour

So I admit it m a nail biter always have been. I just can't help it. 

The only way I can stop my self biting my nails is to paint them. I'm always on the look out for nice colours I can wear to stop me biting. 

I was in discounts uk in Newcastle and thought I would have a quick look at the make up and nail varnish. Now I normally buy nails inc which is about £11 a varnish, and well as a mummy to a growing toddler most of my money goes on him, I very rarely treat myself.

When it comes to nail varnish I find it a pain trying to sit and do them while trying to hold onto the jar without spilling any, so when I saw the quick colour by Sally Hansen I knew I had to try it!

All I needed to do was open the box up unscrew the lid, click the button a few times and hay presto the colour was on the brush! It took me less than five minutes to do first coat on both hands!

So we are onto day three of wearing this polish and it hasn't chipped at all. It's a gorgeous colour and looks amazing. This is definitely a product I will be investing in again.

I wasn't paid for this review and all comments are my own and this is a product I purchased myself. 

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