Monday 27 April 2015

My Holiday Memories

Post in collaboration with @covered_mag


The best holiday I have ever been on, has to have been my honeymoon to Orlando, in Florida. 

We got married in March 2011 but due to the job my husband Andy was doing at the time we decided to wait and take our honeymoon in the September, so we would also be away for Andy's birthday.

We had planned many trips and days out before we went as we were only going to be there for ten days so we knew we had to make the most of the time we had. We decided to buy all our disney parks and universal studios tickets once we were out in the USA. The only things that were pre booked were Sea World and our big day out for Andy's birthday - Discovery Cove.

I had seen Discovery Cove on an American reality programme the year before, so when we decided to go to Orlando for our honeymoon, we knew it would probably be a once in a life time experience to spend the day at the all inclusive park and swim with the Dolphins!

I have to admit yes it was an expensive trip at over four hundred dollars, but as I have said Discovery Cove is an all inclusive park meaning for the price you pay, you get all drinks and snacks plus your breakfast and lunch at the park. It also included a fourteen day unlimited access to Sea World as part of the price.

On the day of our trip we arrived at the park for about eight am. We checked in and got our id passes which told us what time and where to go for our dolphin swim. Also included on the day was your locker, towels, mask and snorkel and either wetsuit or vest. We both opted for the best. You also got suntan lotion which was safe for the Dolphins.

Our swim was definitely the most amazing experience of my life and I'm sure it was Andy's too. For me being able to kiss a dolphin, feed it fish and then swim with it was just out of this world. 

Once we had done our swim we chose to spend the rest of the day relaxing on their man made beaches and swimming in the beautiful water. 

If I could go back and do this all over again I would do it tomorrow. This is definitely my best holiday memory ever.

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