Monday 18 May 2015

Baby Two - First 12 weeks

Finding Out.
We found out about number two the day after our wedding anniversary 20th March. I had been feeling weird and having sore heads and sore boobs for about a week. Plus when James was going to bed I would go lie down and fall asleep.

I ended up sending andy to Asda at half eight at night to get the test as I was so unsure and we both didn't want to wait till the morning. When the two lines appeared the first words I said were "oh c**p" which funnily enough were the same words Andy said when we found out I was pregnant with James.

There were lots of tears from me, as I was pretty stunned as I did want to turn 30 and have James settled in nursery before adding another child into our crazy lives. 

But it's happening and I'm starting to get excited.

Eww well no proper sick yet at just over five weeks but omg the nausea has been horrendous. It's literally been coming and going since about four weeks five days, it feels worse first thing or late at night, but it's also been waking me up in the night

I have completely gone off tea which I adore so all I can drink hot is hot chocolate. I'm praying I don't go off that. 

I have my rich tea biscuits and lemon tea, so far the biscuits have come in handy when I have needed them at night when I have been feeling rotten. 

First midwife appointment is booked so starting to get excited, but also a bit nervous especially about James and his reactions. Our friends brought their 11 week old little girl over at the weekend and James was pretty scared of her.

Six weeks and the aversion to raw meat has started. Finding it so difficult to prepare meals for Andy and James. Nearly vomited cutting raw chicken and when making the bolagnaise well that was another near case of vomiting.

Seven weeks and nausea comes and goes. Finding that I'm really a lot more tired this time, I guess that's to be expected with a crazy two year old running round and being in the middle of moving. 

Spent Easter Monday in the metro centre with my parents and James while Andy packed up stuff in the house. Oh boy when I got home I was exhausted. I literally sat down on the sofa and dozed off while Andy took over with James and spent some time with him. 

Cannot wait to move out of this house now. I think I will be able to relax a lot more once we are installed at my parents house as when Andy is at work there will be two extra pairs of hands to help with James. 

Have had to relent and move into my comfy maternity Jeans as mine were just so un comfortable, also had to buy a pair of black trousers as have a lot of events coming up that I will need them for ie my birthday and of course the moody blues concert in June.

My two best friends now know so phew so glad I have told them. One is due her first baby end of May, so excited to welcome my little nephew. Michelle and her husband are the best aunt and uncle to James and he totally adores them and of course their gorgeous pooch Olly.

Eight weeks and I can finally drink a cup of tea again. Feel so much better after drinking numerous cups a day for years then suddenly going cold turkey well it wasn't nice. Oddly though it needs to be very hot, milky and sweet tea aka four sweetners instead of my normal one or two. 

Still getting nausea but really late at night or really early in the morning, so if James wakes in the  night it takes me a while to get moving as I feel so rough. 

Nine weeks and had first appointment with midwife yikes all the paper work has changed since I had James. It's starting to feel so real now! James was so good as he had to come with me to appointment. Have chosen to have number two or sproggle as we calling it at the RVI in Newcastle as we will obviously be living in our house by the time sproggle arrives.

I have paperwork to fill in that I will take with me to the scan and consultant appointments at the RVI. But all the paper work for registering at the RVI has been filled in by my current midwife so now it's a case of waiting for the scan date to come through from the hospital. Hopefully it won't take too long so Andy can get the time booked off work. We have worked out he's on late shift the week I turn 12 weeks so hopefully we can get the scan for in the morning so he won't have to book any time off as he does not actually start work till 1230 when he's on a late. 

Been feeling really good. Nausea seems to have eased off. Not getting as much but went to eat fish fingers and the texture in my mouth was horrible, so guess I can't eat them any more. Still going crazy for chicken, and have added in frankfurter sausages. 

Not sure what this one will be. With James I was convinced since day one he was going to be a boy. My dad thinks this one will be a girl but we think we are more likely to have a boy as there's only been two girls in last three generations in Andy's family and one of those is our niece. Main problem is we only ever had one boys name we liked and that was James! So if his is another boy I think it will take till after its born to name it lol! 

Been having a lot of light headedness lately especially when I'm thirsty. I was in Sainsbury's with my parents and James and I had to go get a drink and go through the tills while they finished the shopping.

Ten weeks woo hoo not long till we can finally spill the beans. Andy told his brother the other day. Still getting crazy middle of the night bouts of nausea. But yucky insomnia has started to kick in. Had about three hours sleep on Sunday night so yea was rather grumpy first thing Monday morning. 

Hoping to hear this week about a scan date, so we know if Andy needs to book any time off work to come.

Appointments came 1 week and one day after midwife both scan and consultant on same day and close together woo hoo so excited to see our sproggle. Still getting crazy middle of night nausea that combined with three in the bed most nights means poor mummy not getting much sleep. Mind you neither is poor daddy.

Andy got the time off for scan and consultant so happy he will be with me. Hopefully mum and dad will have James in waiting room. 

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