Tuesday 13 October 2015

Pregnancy update 34 weeks

So I'm now 34 weeks pregnant with baby boy two! Cannot believe he is due in six weeks! The time seems to have flown by so quick! But we have been so busy I'm not surprised. What with moving out of rented house, into mum & dads for nine weeks, then into our house it's been a crazy time.

I'm getting lots of movement from baby boy, normally when I'm eating or trying to relax! James voice seems to send him crackers. He is also such a fidget like James was. He seems to like poking out limbs when I'm trying to go to sleep at night.

I'm still suffering really bad insomnia at nights. A few times I have been awake for the day at 3/4am. Lucky James has had a few naps after nursery so I have been able to get some sleep in too. Once baby boy is here I'm guessing the tiredness will be worth it as will be up with him rather than lying wide awake in bed on Facebook.

Nursery is an on going situation with James. He's done a couple of days at full three hours but he seems to have a phobia of using the toilet at school so has been picked up in tears a couple of times as he's been that desperate but scared to go, that being the reason he can't stay I. For full three hours as teachers do not want him holding his wee in that long. Hoping this week we can try and take him into toilet before he goes into the classroom see if that helps him. Other than that he absolutely loves it and gets very grumpy when it's the weekend and he can't go! 

This last week we have been practicing fitting the car seat into my parents car with the seatbelt as the base we used in their old car can't be used in the car they have now. 

All we need to buy now is the baby milk for the hospital bag and they are all sorted! Still a few practical bits to get for example a changing mat and bedding for Moses basket! I'm hoping we haven't forgotten anything important! But then again hospital is a short walk from Newcastle city centre and all the main shops!

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