Wednesday 25 May 2016

Freddie at Six Months Old!

Happy half birthday my gorgeous little man.
Your six month birthday has come at a sad time for mummy and nana as we have the second anniversary of losing your great nannie tomorrow (26/5). I so wish you could have met her. She absolutely adored your big brother and I know she would have adored you too.

You got weighed at 24 weeks and you were 16lbs 9oz. You are still in size 3 nappies and virtually all your clothes bar a few bits are 6-9 months. You have between four and five 7oz bottles a day plus your solids! You are a very hungry little boy! 

You normally start the day with a bottle between five and six am. You sometimes have a little sleep after but often don't! You have your breakfast around half seven you will have baby porridge or fruit mixed with baby rice. You then have a bottle between half nine and half ten. If we are at a group you will have a snack of fruit between ten and eleven am. You will normally have a sleep and then lunch around one/half one. Normally some vegetable purées mixed with baby rice. You then have another bottle and more sleep. Tea is normally between five and half five depending on when you nap. After tea is normally another bottle. You are normally asleep by eight then sleep right through. We have had the odd occasion where you have woken for extra feed at midnight, but I think that's been a growth spurt.

You are still sleeping in your crib in mine and daddy's room, but will be going into your cot in your own room soon. I will miss waking up to you giggling every morning.

You are still very much a mummy's boy. You often pretend to sleep for daddy then wake up when mummy comes up just so you can get cuddles. I love nothing more than being snuggled up with you either in the big bed or on the sofa! You saw you first FA Cup Final and mummy, daddy and James were very excited that Man Utd won! You also watched the FA Vase with us cheering on Morpeth Town AFC! They are the local team to where we lived when James was your age! 

Your brother is starting to play a bit with you. There have been times you are sat in your highchair while I am sorting your lunch or tea out and he's been sat next to you showing you his toys! We have learned some great songs at our groups which I sing to you in the kitchen and James often joins in. 

I can't believe next month we will be even closer to you turning a year old! Time is going so fast my little bear. You are also going to be experiencing your first trip to Morpeth Fair Day, where Morpeth Town are parading the trophy, and also your first trip to the hoppings fun fair! 

All my love
Mummy xxx

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