Thursday 9 June 2016

All about James

The last update I did on my big boy was his third birthday last August. He's now three years & nine months old, so we are edging towards the big fourth birthday in three months time! I can't believe in a few short weeks my first born baby is going to be four years old!

So what does James like?
He loves: 
* playing outside
* his nursery
* the park
* his kindle fire
* Man United

We got his primary school place confirmed nearly two months ago & I'm thrilled he's going to be at the school where he is currently at nursery! It's a lovely school right on our doorstep where the head teacher makes it her job to know every child in the school. It's a nursery to year six school so goes from age three to eleven. I'm so glad James won't have to change school till he's in secondary school and again the local one is a short walk from us. I have the reception class parents meeting in a couple of weeks! 

Our local park is just across from his nursery, so if the weather is nice we will sometimes go straight from nursery to the park for a little bit then go home for lunch or we will come home for lunch then go back to the park, Freddie will nap in his pram so I can play with James on the swings! 

He still loves his trains and vehicles, but has developed a love of space and dinosaurs since starting nursery! He forever telling me that we live on the planet earth!

He's still very much a daddy's boy, so mummy does not get a look in when daddy is home. But he still loves a mummy cuddle but only on his terms! 

He has taken am interest in cooking, so he likes to help mummy to bake cakes and biscuits and make jelly! 

He has a habit of getting out of bed on a night and falling asleep in silly places! In the last few weeks he's been on his chair a couple of times, but the oddest has to have been in his wardrobe!

His favourite tv shows are Bob the builder, Thomas and friends, Noddy toyland detective, Ben and Holly the list goes on, but his big favourite is Paw Patrol! His favourite character is Marshal the fire pup! He can sit for hours and watch Paw Patrol over and over on Netflix! 

Like most kids his age he still likes the videos on YouTube of people opening kinder eggs. He also is always finding new shows on YouTube to watch like Tayo the little bus or Robo Car Poli.

This year was the first year James has shown a real interest in the FA Cup I'm guessing because our team, Man Utd, were in the final! He got so excited when we won! He was waving his arms around shouting nited won! 

I can't believe in a few weeks time my big boy will be a four year old and getting ready to start on his educational life at full time school! Where has the time gone! 

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