Sunday 25 September 2016

Freddie at Ten Months

My darling little Freddie how can you be ten months old already! Your first birthday is only eight weeks away! 

This month has been a good one. You have learned how to army crawl and are so quick at pulling yourself around our lounge! You can also move your infant to toddler rocker around the lounge! 

You are in size 4+ nappies, taking 6oz bottles four times a day but depending on what time you wake up some days you will have five bottles, plus three meals! You eat the same as the rest of us on an evening, but I always mush up and freeze extra so there is always something for your lunch or a night we are eating something brown together! 

You were an absolutely dream on our first big trip away as a family of four! We took the coach to London then a train out to Surrey to see your grandparents on your daddy's side. You were absolutely brilliant on the coach eating and drinking and of course sleeping! You were a little bit unsettled the first night we were away and poor mummy ended up sleeping on the sofa with you on my chest. 

You have said your first word this month too! And it was mum mum! If daddy or anyone says to you where's mummy you look straight to me and grin! I tried to go to the shop without you one day and you started crying and shouting mum mum! Mum mum! So I had to take you me! You have also started trying to walk when you are held up on your feet! It's so strange you doing this at turning ten months as James was doing this at seven months and then started walking days after he turned ten months! 

You have really been missing your big brother since he has started school! The first day he was back you woke up at quarter to seven and then didn't go back to sleep till we finished baby social at half past 11 and we were picking James up! You then slept for two hours! The second week of term we had to pick him up at half past one and you were normally napping then so daddy who was on holiday that week was doing the pick ups while I stayed at home with you sleeping! James has been interacting with you a lot more, which has been so lovely to watch. 

We had a massive thunderstorm which first woke up mummy and daddy, then it woke up you and finally it woke up your brother. We were all huddled in one bed for a while till daddy took you downstairs so me and James could get some sleep before I took him to school. It was so lovely to hear James comforting you. 

We need to find a new normal now James is in school from nine am till quarter past three. We have our two groups on a Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Sadly once you turn one we will have to find a new group for a Tuesday as you will be too old for baby social. You have made a lot of lovely little friends who you love playing with, but I think your big brother is still your favourite person to play with!  

James has already started looking at toys in Tesco for your birthday and Christmas! He wants to get you a dumper truck so you and him can play trucks together! 

Till next month my little bear, I love you so much


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