Saturday 26 August 2017

James you are FIVE!

James today you turn five years old! How has that happened! I really feel like I have blinked and you have grown from that tiny baby into this tall handsome cheeky young man. You are still very much a daddy's boy, but if daddy is not at home you love mummy cuddles, especially at bed time. You have been known to sneak out of your bed once daddy has settled you and into mummy and daddy's bed for mummy snuggles.

You are always asking lots of questions and are very inquisitive. You love playing with water and sand! You do struggle a bit with writing, so mummy and daddy have been helping you over the holidays. I think the structure of year one will help you though.

You go back to school in ten days time and into year one already! It really feels like only yesterday you were starting the school nursery!

You are the best big brother to Freddie, he absolutely worships the ground you walk on! He hates leaving you at school, but when he sees you on a night he has the biggest smile on his face!

You absolutely love school and you have a brilliant group of friends. I have loved being able to stand outside the shops and watch you play in the foundation unit playground this year! Some of your games look so fun! Next year though you will spend your break times in the big school yard so the only time mummy and Freddie will see you will be on a Thursday when we are at our sure start group as we can see into the main yard from the sure start garden!

You are definitely still very stubborn and boy if you don't get your own way do you let us know you are not happy!  

You adore watching Cbeebies and your favourite TV programmes are: Go Jetters, Octonauts and Peter Rabbit. You had an absolutely brilliant time when we visited Cbeebies land at Alton Towers back in April and you keep asking when we are going to go again! Hopefully we will go again next year. You also love watching milkshake on channel 5. Your favourite programmes on there are Digby Dragon and Rusty Rivets. 

So all thats left to say is I hope you have a brilliant day my gorgeous boy and enjoy your party which you are having next weekend, just before you go back to school.

All my love

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