Wednesday 2 May 2018

Doddle Bags Review

As a mum of two, the amount of things you need to carry around seems to multiply as they get older. So when Doddle Bags got in touch with us and asked if we would like to review their pouches we jumped at the chance! 

The main reason was simple as these reusable washable pouches are 100ml, which means they are perfect for travelling!! As we are going on holiday to Majorca later in the year I knew they would be perfect for carrying liquid medications through security at Newcastle Airport.

When Freddie was a few months old we discovered he has some sort of allergy to the colouring that is used in liquid paracetamol. At first mummy thought it was Sorbitol but seeing as that is also in none coloured liquid paracetamol, we realised it had to be the colouring especially as the smallest amount would make him violently sick. 

It also means I would have to either carry a plastic bottle or a glass bottle in the changing bag, something I didn't need to worry about with James as he could have the sachets of liquid paracetamol but they don't actually make them with colour free paracetamol!

The Doddle Bags will make this easier on me as it means I could just decant the bottle into the pouch and it would be so much easier and also much lighter than the bottle! So what do you get in the kit? There are Ten reusable pouches, Ten anti choke caps and Ten coloured labels! 

So what makes the Doddle Bags different? Well these can be used for things other than food or in my case medication! There are spoon attachments for weaning, You can buy brush attachments so they can be used for painting, You can get a nozzle kit for cake decorating and there is also a flip top set coming out soon!

Since we have been using these my first aid kit has felt much lighter and I don't have to worry about leaking bottles in my bag! These are definitely going to be well used with my boys especially with out up and coming holiday!

**We were sent the Original set of 10 Doddle Bags with an RRP of £10.99 free of charge in exchange for this review. All words and photos are our own!**


  1. What a fab idea to use them with medicines instead of food! They look great! Xxx

  2. These sounds great and such a good concept!!

  3. These sound great, I meant to try these sort of reuseable pouches when weaning mine, but I never got round to it

  4. How convenient. It's tricky the whole airport security thing isn't it?

  5. These sound really good and so many good uses! X

  6. Oh what a fab idea! I have never seen these reusable pouches before, what great uses they have!

  7. These are so clever, love how versatile they are too!