Wednesday 15 May 2019

Siblings Project 2019 - May

Welcome to the May 2019 edition of The Siblings Project!
How can it be May already! It really does not seem five minutes since we were celebrating New Year and now its the fifth month of the year!

This month James has been loving:
* Beavers. He went on a trip to a local Sikh Temple for part of their Faith Badge and also took part in JOTT 2019. He walked from Newburn Leisure Centre to Baltic Square in Gateshead along the river Tyne. 
* Dreamworks Dragon. James found this show on Netflix and has been watching it on repeat! 
*Pipe art. James was playing this game on my phone when we were sat in a&e waiting to get his hand looked at the other week.

Freddie has been loving:
*Playgroup. He has been really enjoying his 15 hours a week and he has a lovely little group of friends.
*Moo. He is still totally obsessed with his cuddly cow and will not go to bed without him!
*Megabloks. Freddie is still crazy about his block and building lots of towers!

This months photos were taken in the Rugby fan zone on Newcastle Quayside after James finished JOTT 2019

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