Saturday 22 June 2019

Saving Money On Your Summer Family Fun

Juggling your family’s expenses can be difficult at the best of times. Faced with
he summer holidays, however, the pressures of managing your money can become
even tighter.

That being said, you can enjoy your summer holidays on a budget. From finding activities
you can do at home to saving money on days out and activities, you can make sure you
give your family the best summer yet.

Here are some easy ways to save money on your summer family fun.

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Do some film/book/game swaps

Watching a film or reading a good book can be a good way to spend a summer day,
but even your little one can tire of the same ones over and over again. Why not suggest
a swap with some other parents where you exchange books, games, and films for a few
weeks? It means you don’t have to spend money on easy entertainment and other families
will benefit too!

You can always pick up some great bargains on games, DVDs and books in local charity
shops, as well as donate items that you no longer need.

Keep an eye out for day out deals

Day trips like theme parks, zoos, etc., can come at a high price, especially if you’ve
got more than one child. But what you should know is that many of these destinations
have good deals on tickets if you know where to find them. A little search online for
discounts on family activities could help you save some pennies. You can pick up
some deals in advance as well to help you spread the cost over the summer months.

Plan some fun rainy day activities

With the British weather as unpredictable as it is, you’re not always going to be able to
go out and do things in the sun. But that’s ok, as there are plenty of fun activities you can
do indoors this summer. Get baking, make a den and or have a film day - there’s a lot you
can get up to when you need to think of ideas.

It also helps to have some sort of ‘rainy day kit’ to hand so that you can do things like
making crafts or colour in. Essential supplies like pens, crayons, paper, and card are a
must, and you can make more advanced crafts using things like hot melt glue guns,
soldering irons and others. You can easily find fun tutorials online to help you think of
some amazing craft ideas.

Look for a last-minute holiday

Going on holiday can be out of the question when money is tight, but you might just find
some ways of scoring a very cheap deal. There are options for short breaks, holidays
you pay monthly for, UK breaks and more. Airbnb can be a good idea to get away for
an evening just for a change of scene and to visit a different city or the countryside. You
can pick up a cheap last-minute deal if you have some flexibility over when you can travel.

Enjoy picnics in the park

Sometimes the simplest ideas can be the most enjoyable. So why not spend some
summer days enjoying picnics in the park? As long as you’ve got a blanket, something to
read and some toys with you, you can spend a lovely afternoon just enjoying the sun.
Take a look at some healthy picnic ideas you can take with you to make sure you sneak
some fruit and vegetables in there too.

Go to the beach

The beach is always a classic destination for the summer holidays. If you live near
enough to make it a day trip, you can make it a regular thing on those sunny days.
With the sea and sand providing a lot of entertainment for little ones, you can make
it a super affordable day out. Take a packed lunch and plenty of sun cream and enjoy
a day at the seaside.

Camp in the garden

Camping isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s much more enjoyable from your back garden
and in walking distance of the kettle! Instead of heading out into the wilderness
(or your nearest camping spot), you can still help your little one have an adventure outside.
Get plenty of fairy lights and something comfy to sleep on for a great night in the garden.

Camping in the garden also makes a great sleepover idea if you’re short on affordable ideas.
The kids can always come back inside if it’s too cold or it starts to rain.

Make the most of free visitor attractions

Have you taken advantage of all of the free activities your local area has to offer?
Museums and different visitor attractions can make excellent free days out. TripAdvisor
is the place to go for recommendations of free attractions near you, and you can check
out some of the message boards too to get even more ideas for things to do!

See what’s on in your local area

Summer is a great time for local events and things to do. A quick glance at your local
listings will tell you when different events are taking place like food festivals or family
fun days, which will be great for finding things to do across the summer. Facebook and
Eventbrite are also some great ways to see what’s taking place and how you can get
involved. It’s also worth finding out from other families what they’re getting up to in case
you find something you miss.

It can be a struggle to afford everything when you’re a full-time mum, but it’s surprising what
you can come up with on a tight budget, especially over the holiday. So with a few good ideas
and a bit of planning, you can help your kids have a great summer that you can enjoy too.
Now, let’s cross fingers for some good weather this summer so that you can get out and about
and make the most of that sunshine.

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