Thursday 16 April 2020

School Place Announcement

So it's the 16th of April 2020, that means it's national reception class offers day!

It seems so long ago that I put in Freddie's application to join his big brother at our local primary school, well in fact it was! I @put his application in on September 3rd 2019! I remember back in January when the admissions closed saying oh its still ages away till we find out! Then all of a sudden it was like omg we find out next week!

I had gone back in byto my email account yesterday morning to check where I would need to go to find out, so I went online and found out we could log in at midnight last night to see!

I knew this time we were higher up the priority list as we already had a child in the school. When it was for James we were much lower going on distance, and we lived quite far out compared to some of the other kids. 

Finally at six minutes past 12 it popped up that Freddie had been offered a place at James school! Place was accepted and confirmation was in my inbox by quarter past midnight!

The question now is will the school even be back in September? 

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