Wednesday 8 July 2020

AD - ORS Hydration Tablets Review

Over the last few years we have had issues with James and his consumption of water during the day. He would go to school with a full water bottle and come home barely having drank a a few centimetres down the bottle. 

When he was in Foundation and Key Stage One we knew he was getting either milk, water or a juice at lunch time and that he was drinking it. But once he moved into Key Stage Two in September 2019 he moved onto pack lunch. For the first few weeks we were putting a drink bottle of weak squash in his lunch bag. He was barely having one or two mouthfuls and he was then bringing home a barely touched water bottle from the classroom. We then moved to giving him fruit shoots in his lunch bag and he would sometimes drink half of it, but other days he would bring it home untouched along with an untouched classroom water bottle. 

We tried all sorts to get him to drink over the course of the day, We tried using his reward chart at home by drawing a line half way down his bottle and saying well if you drink to the line you will get an extra star on your chart, but this didn't work. James would get badly constipated due to the lack of fluid he was drinking. He would be getting up in the night with a bad stomach.

When O.R.S. got in touch and offered to send us some of their kids hydration tablets we were thrilled. We got sent a selection of their tablets for kids and adults. James is almost eight, so for him it was two tablets per two hundred mls of water and no more than ten tablets in twenty four hours.

We would normally give James a water bottle at seven in the morning and by around eight am he would have barely touched it no matter how many times we have said to him "James drink your water!" When we made up two hundred mls and put it into his drink bottle at around eight am he had completely finished it by half past nine!

To make the solution up, I put two hundred mls of water into a jug and added the two O.R.S. tablets and left them to fully dissolve. Once they were dissolved I poured the solution into James water bottle and he drank it! I don't know if it was the fact that the blackcurrant tablet turned the water pink or that it flavoured the water but he drank it! 

We will be seeing how James does over the next few weeks with these and will report back!!

**We were sent the O.R.S tablets free of charge in exchange for this review, all words and pictures are our own. 

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