Friday 15 January 2021

Review: Twistii

Dark mornings are something I really hate, especially when I have to walk the boys to school. Being a Beaver Leader also means being out in the dark whether that is on camp, running a meeting in the winter or just being at a leaders meeting. Also as the mum of a Cub I would be walking to his meeting drop off and back home as daddy would do the end of meeting pick up.

When face to face scouting went back last September for us, we had to meet outdoors due to the covid policies. One of the things we asked the young people to bring with them was a headtorch. As the nights got darker we would need the extra light from them outside.

Thats where Twistii comes in! Twisti is a USB rechargeable torch you wear on your wrist that allows you to be hands free! It is operated by the button in the middle. One press and the front and back lights come on, press again and the white lights stay on, press a third time and the front and back lights are in flashing warning mode, then when you press for the forth time all the lights go out. The torch moves through 360 degrees so you can point this where its needed!

A full charge of the battery should give you 60+ minutes of front and back lights, 90+ minutes of front lights only and 180+ minutes of warning lights.

The Twistii comes on a snap band which I think is fantastic as it will fit even the smallest of wrists like mine and also James. This also means the Twisting can stand independently!

I was so looking forward to trying this during one of our Beaver sessions, but due to the current circumstances we are currently running all sessions online. However I did test it out on the school run when it was still pretty dark when leaving our house. Then as I wa getting ready to test it on the school run, we were put into national lockdown and only allowed to leave the house for essential shopping.

However this has been tested in our house without the lights on and I absolutely love it! This is such a good idea and I know it will come in so handy in the future when we are allowed to do face to face scouting and camps again!

**We were sent this product free of charge in exchange for this review**

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