Saturday 7 June 2014

Chill out day

This week is going to be pretty manic as we have the funeral on Tuesday morning then the photographer is at toddlers on Thursday, so fingers crossed we can get a nice picture or James lol! 

Yesterday (Friday) we went out with my parents. We went down to the quayside in Newcastle to see how James would react to sand on the beach they have built and as I predicted he screamed blue murder when he was put on the sand. He was fine on the decking and quite enjoyed running on it but once he ran onto the sand and he realised he was on it he basically freaked out! 

We then decided to go to the red house for lunch. One of my website clients - the amble butcher supplies all the pies so of course we all had a different pie and as normal they were brilliant! 

After that we went into town as we all needed to get a few bits. I got a models own hyper gel nail varnish to try so will be reviewing that later in the week.

We still need to do our weeks shopping but James has woken from his nap in a bad mood so at the moment shopping is a no go! Shopping with a toddler in tantrum mode is not good or easy! 

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