Sunday 22 June 2014

Weekend Away with a toddler

So this weekend myself Andy and James went up to Aberdeen to stay with our friends for the weekend. It was our friend Richards 30th birthday so we had a bit of a party at his and Michelle's flat on the Saturday night.

We traveled up early on the Friday morning and came back late morning on the Sunday.

We arrived about lunchtime on the Friday and went back to our friends flat to chill for a bit before I went with Michelle to set up for a fair the next morning (she makes amazing jewellery and soaps). 

We then went to Michelle's parents house to see them and their dog Bracken. We then went down to the each to go to TGI Fridays for a meal. Well I'm surprised we were not thrown out due to James and his bad behaviour. Although to be fair we were sat in a booth with him between us as there we're no highchair tables free.

We then went next door to codonas leisure where we were all trying to win teddies for James and no one managed. 

After that we went back to the flat where Andy did bed time with James and then we watched World Cup football.

Saturday at around 4am I woke to find James planking in his travel bed oops! 

Me and Michelle went to do the stall leaving Andy and Richard at the flat with James and olly the dog for a couple of hours before we went to Wynford Farm soft play which was brilliant. We had lunch then we took James into the 3 and under part which he enjoyed especially when mummy and daddy both went down the slide after him. We also had the run for it James when we were about to leave which ended with James and me going down a big slide in the over 3 part! 

We then took James and olly for a walk in hazel head park where James decided he wanted to walk olly! 

Saturday night was the party night and James was keeping everyone entertained till mummy decided at 9pm a certain little man needed to go to bed. Mummy then went to bed around elevenish and daddy about two am. Then James decided four am was perfect starfish time in our bed.

Sunday was breakfast dressed and back onto the 1147 train. 

Brilliant weekend with brilliant friends.

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