Friday 27 June 2014

My boy the poser!

So James can be quite the little poser when he wants to be. Although sometimes you do have to offer him bribes of food to get him to look at the camera. These are just a few of his poses over the last few weeks!
This one was waiting for the Metro back from Tesco to our New House after we had been to do our weekly shop.

This one is in our new back garden a few days after we moved in. James was at that stage not liking the grass and would only run around on the paving areas.

This one was waiting to go to Tesco on the Metro platform. He was showing off his new shoes

This has to be my favorite at the moment. This was taken last weekend at our friends birthday part in Aberdeen. James was running round chasing the dog and balloons! 

He really can be such a poser at times, more so now he has more teeth to show off!

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