Saturday 16 August 2014

Terrible Twos

Soit's official my sweet innocent son has become a little devil!

James turns two a week on Tuesday and he is well into full on tantrum mode. He has a tantrum about virtually everything and he thinks if he flashes his little smile he will win us all over.

Today's tantrums started before we even left the house. He didn't want a nappy change, then he didn't want his clothes on. But as soon as he knew he was going to see nana and gaga he soon forgot and let us dress him and get him into his buggy.

Tantrum two was leaving Burger King as he needed a nappy change and didn't want to go back into the buggy, he wanted nana to carry him which on this occasion she did. He was as good as gold as he got his own way.

Tantrum three again he didn't want to get back in his buggy after his nappy change, again he wanted nana to carry him but this time she said walk or buggy and James kept going I walk I walk then suddenly wanted a carry again. We eventually got out Fenwick in one piece after mummy purchased part of a birthday present, then as we got out the lift James decided to hit the alarm button argh que cross mummy! Finally we bribed him back into buggy with his drink. 

Tantrum four oh that was a biggie. My dad's just got a new car and well James being James is totally obsessed with it. As soon as he knew he was going into the car he was a happy boy but once we got to tesco and he had to get out the car and go back into his buggy to go home ohh boy tantrum Central! He was screaming his head off shouting I stay here I stay here. Took both me and my dad to get him into buggy and strapped in. He then screamed the whole way through car park and onto metro. He only stopped when he realised he was nearly home and he would see daddy.

He crashed out not long after five but has been waking up every so often for a cuddle as the high winds we are having here tonight keep waking him up.

This is James right now crashed out next to me in the big bed!!!

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