Friday 25 December 2015

Freddie one month old

Freddie you are one month old & it's your first Christmas Day. 

The past month has flown by! I really can't believe that you are a month old already. You hate being put down and like nothing more than being snuggled up on mummy's chest. 

You are still in newborn clothing and size 1 nappies. You are taking 4oz bottles every two and half to four hours. You have given us a few five hour blocks over night which is good. You get so grumpy if your bottle is taken away from you. You seem to be taking after your big brother and like music channels and of course the jingles on sky news - they seem to always grab your attention.

You love doing tummy time on your changing mat, which James hated till he was a few months old. Again just like James you have amazing head control and have done since the day you were born. We have had a few instances where you have tried rolling during tummy time, as much as I love you copying your big brother and his development I want you to slow down so we can savour every moment! I'm hoping you are not an early crawler like James! I'm not ready for two little boys following me around the house! 

You have been a bit poorly with a cold and now a cough but I suppose it's to be expected with a big brother bringing home germs from nursery. 

I'm so excited for Christmas and our family being completely. You have really just slotted in and it feels like you have always been here. I know you won't know what's going on but I'm excited for our day. 

I really wish your great nannie could have met you, I'm sure she would have loved you as much as she loved James. I hope when you are older you will like to hear about her & I'm sure James will teach you all the songs and things she taught him.

James is starting to get braver around you & actually let mummy and daddy give you both cuddles at the same time. Hopefully by two months old he may have actually given you a cuddle!

Love you lots my little Freddie Bear

Mummy xxx

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