Friday 25 March 2016

Freddie at four months

Seriously Freddie how can you be four months old already!

You started your fourth month Freddie by going to a creative curriculum morning at James school. You had a brilliant time being fussed over by all the little girls in the class while mummy spent some time doing activities with James.

You are now in a mixture of 0-3 & 3-6 clothing, you wear size 3 nappies and take 7oz feeds. You generally have a feed between six and seven then you go into your crib. Daddy normally gives you a dream feed between eleven and midnight, you then generally sleep through till between five and six. You were weighed at 14 weeks and you weighed 13lbs 3oz. You are definitely more chunky than your big brother as he was only 13lbs 2oz at 16 weeks.

You are definitely a mummy's boy, you like nothing better than being cuddled into mummy for a sleep. You have definitely started teething and have the rosiest red cheeks. You love sucking on your fingers or better still chewing on mummy's fingers! 

Your love going to your baby groups which we go to on Monday's, Tuesday's and Thursday's. You have found your voice big time and love nothing more than squealing when you want attention. 

You are spending more time awake in your pram when we go out now, but you love nothing better than being snuggled into mummy in the carrier.

You have had another cold which resulted in a trip to hospital to get checked over due to coughing. You then missed another week of groups due to James being ill.

You spent your first time away from mummy, when I was away for two nights with daddy. Nana and gaga came to look after you and James. 

Cannot wait to see what happens by five months

Love you always my little bear

Mummy xxx

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