Wednesday 6 April 2016

The school waiting game

Now it's April, the stress has finally started kicking in. A week on Monday, April 18th, we find out which primary school James will be attending. It's hard to think about our little boy starting primary school when he's not even four yet and won't be four until a few weeks before he is due to go into reception class.

His application was put in at the beginning September, so I had managed to put it out of my head till April started. Am I nervous? Yes I'm actually terrified about it. 

Our first choice school is where James currently attends nursery. It's a five minute walk from our house and we love it. The foundation unit is separate to the rest of the school, it has its own entrance and it's own playground. It's like it's in its own little bubble away from the hustler and bustle of years one to six. It's a small school with one class per year group and the head teacher knows every child and parent. The best bit is the school goes from nursery to year six, so James wouldn't have to change school again till he's eleven.

Our second choice school is still quite close to us but it's a nursery till year four school, so James would have to change schools at nine and then again at thirteen. 

How would I feel if James didn't get his first choice? To be honest I would be heartbroken. Over the last few months I have grown to love the school. James hasn't had the easiest start in nursery. He's the youngest in the class by over six weeks. Plus most of the other children have been in some sort of nursery or playgroup before coming to nursery, so they were used to being away from their parents on a daily basis. James however hadn't, he had been with me or my parents everyday since he was born. Sure we had been to stay and play groups but he had never been away from me till he started nursery. 

Check back on 18th April to see which choice we get!


  1. We're in the same position! I feel like I have 18th April engrained in my head as the most important day of the year! I can't wait to just find out. Good luck to you!

  2. I find this whole school waiting game ridiculous! I'm from such a small part of Ireland that we had barely enough numbers to keep schools open most of the time. But it's a whole new and different world to me x

    1. It's crazy! When I was a kid you went to the nearest house to where you lived. Now u can basically apply anywhere

  3. I will be in the same position next year, not looking forward to it at all! Good luck i hope you get your first choice lovely! xx

  4. Good luck, it's such a stressful situation for parents. I've not had to go through it yet, but I'm not looking forward to it.

  5. Best of luck, I hope you get your first choice. Toby's a summer baby too so will only just turn 4 before he starts school and even though it's 2 years away it already bothers me!xx

  6. Oh, bless you. I can't imagine how stressful this must be. I really hope that James gets into his first choice. They still seem so young to be going to school, don't they? We will be applying for a Little Miss H in September. There is a wonderful school less than 2 minutes walk away. I would be so upset if she doesn't get in. It is so stressful. Good luck. Hugs Lucy xxxx

  7. Good luck! I really hope you get your first choice. I'll be going through this with Lamb next year which is just bonkers! How did it come round so fast?! x