Sunday 17 July 2016

The last week of nursery has come

I remember sitting down at the beginning of September 2015 one week before James started nursery writing about him being away from me for three hours everyday. 

Today July 17th 2016 is the day before he starts his final week in nursery before transferring to reception class in September.

I'm not going to lie and say it's been a great year in nursery, because it's been blooming hard work, not just for James but for all of us as a family! 

James had only been in nursery for the full three hours a few weeks before Freddie was born, then of course the Christmas holidays Freddie ended up in hospital at four weeks old. 

Watching my baby change from the toddler into a little boy who loves school has been brilliant. I really feel like I have blinked and he's gone from this tiny baby to this big boy who is so opinionated and knows what he wants and when he wants it!

Reception is going to be a big challenge for him and also for us! Not having to pick him up at 12 is going to be odd, but it will give me time to focus on building this blog into something for us as a family! 

I'm so proud of all my boy has achieved this year. There was times I thought we would never get to him being in for the full session. But he has worked so hard this year and I'm so glad to be his mummy.

Well done James mummy loves you so much xx

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