Monday 25 July 2016

Freddie at Eight Months!

Freddie bear how can you be eight months old! It really does not seem five minutes since you were born.

You have come on so much this month! You are eating three meals a day plus normally four bottles of 6oz! You are in a size 4+ nappy and your clothes are a mixture of 6-9 and 9-12. 

Your favourite foods are currently porridge normally with fruit purée mixed in and pasta either in a sauce or baked in oven with cheese. You have developed a love of oranges and bananas from snack time at you baby groups! 

You adore your big brother and find him fascinating to watch and laugh at! You are sitting up most of the time now on your baby gym or a blanket playing with your toys. You prefer when having your bottle to be in your chair or sat upright on mummy's knee. The only time you snuggle into me for feed is when you are tired. 

You love having cuddles with mummy especially at bed time. You don't like daddy putting you to bed so most nights you end up lying snugged into mummy at bed time. 

You don't have a set time for napping. Normally it's just as and when you feel like it. Most of the time you nap when we go out in your pram. 

You are such a happy baby and rarely cry. You are still very much a mummy's boy and you do not like being left in a room while mummy pops to kitchen or toilet. You get very vocal and loud! 

Love you always my gorgeous little man

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