Tuesday 25 October 2016

Freddie at 11 Months Old

Freddie Bear how can you be eleven months old! Only four weeks and we will be celebrating your first birthday! How can my beautiful little baby be turning one soon! The last eleven months have flown by!

You have learned so much this month! You weighed 20lbs 14oz at your 9-12 month check and are in size 5 nappies. You are also starting to go into 12-18 clothes! Much earlier than James did!  We have lowered your cot mattress as you learned to pull yourself up on the bars and we kept finding you standing up!

Your biggest development has been your progress from army crawling to actual crawling! Mummy needs eyes in the back of her head now as you follow me when ever I leave the lounge! I went to make you a bottle and found you sitting at the front door! You were so pleased with yourself! Within a week though you were following me to the kitchen and escaping the lounge when ever the door was left open! You are also cruising the furniture! You like to spend a lot of time on your feet! 

You and mummy had a lovely day out at the baby and toddler show in Manchester. It was a very long day as we left home at six am and got home just before eight pm! Mummy got you some new dribble bibs by Funky Giraffe, some new mam goodies and some of the new flavours from Piccolo! 

All your little friends have left our baby social group now. You were the youngest of our little group. Lucky we still see some of them at our Thursday group!

We are starting to buy things in for your birthday now, nanny and pappy are coming up from Surrey and we will see nana and gaga. Poor James will be at school on your actual birthday so it will probably be a tea party on the Saturday and a family meal on the day. 

You have been really poorly with a nasty virus, you hardly slept for five nights and when you did sleep it was only on mummy or daddy's chests. You've started napping more in your pushchair during the day, which is a big help to mummy, especially if we need to go out and pick your brother up!

We love you so much our little bear

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