Tuesday 25 July 2017

Summer Reading 2017

James is not the best reader for his age. He loves having stories read to him, but ask him to read to you and he gets grumpy!

This year at school, he has brought home books but most have lasted a few weeks before he has had them changed as he kept refusing to do his reading with us.

Now he is on holiday for six weeks and Mummy is determined to get him reading more so when he goes back he will want to do his reading.

So with that in mind I have designed him his own summer 2017 reading record book!

I thought that the school might have sent something like that home for the kids over the summer, but they didn't so I sat down on the first Saturday night of the holidays while James and Freddie were in bed and designed one myself! 

I designed both the cover and the inserts in Jasc Paint Shop Pro 7, Which is quite an old soft wear, but its one that I love! And even when I have tried new ones I always end up coming back to this one!

Below is what I came up with! The only difference between the cover below and the one I have printed out is that the printed copy has James' name on!


I inserted the cover onto the right hand side of a landscape Microsoft Word document to make a cover. I then inserted two of the record pages onto a landscape Word document, then printed them out, I then worked out which way to put the paper up in my printer to print on the other side to make the record sheets double sided!

I'm really hoping this encourages James with his reading over the summer, so when he goes back to school in September he makes a good impression on his new teacher and also that his old teacher and his old TAs are proud of him!  

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