Monday 10 July 2017

Intu Metrocentre Baby Brunch

When the invite arrived in our email inbox inviting mummy and Freddie to a baby brunch at Intu Metrocentre to celebrate independent retailers week we were thrilled.

We dropped James off at school and jumped on the number 7 bus and off we went to Intu Metrocentre. Originally we were going to have to leave the event a bit early for sports day, but the school cancelled that due to a soggy school field that morning.  

Intu Metrocentre has loads of independent retailers and I was so looking forward to browsing them without James! 

There was loads of activities for the kids like duplo, megabloks and Freddie's current favourite - cars! He had great fun going brum brum on the AstroTurf especially with a Blaze monster truck! 

They way the area was set out was fantastic! It was right in the centre of the village area meaning people could walk round it on either side, causing no disruption to the actual retailers.

There was a brilliant flower arranging demonstration from the lovely little florist that's in the village which mummy really enjoyed and there was even a visit from Rusty and Maggot two of the Metro Gnomes! Freddie was a bit unsure of them at first but then he had great fun grabbing their noses! We even got a fab photo with Rusty! 

We had an absolutely fantastic morning out at Intu Metrocentre and looking forward to our next visit soon! We are really lucky having this shopping centre on our doorstep and I'm planning on making more of it and visiting over the summer holidays with the boys.

Disclaimer: We were invited to this event by Intu Metrocentre. All words and pictures are our own

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  1. This looks like a lovely event, I think my little boy would have loved this. Although he is two so maybe too old. We love visiting the metrocentre xx